It is very important to have adequate knowledge of the shares a person invests in. This is because it tells whether the money is invested in the right place or not. Thousands of shares are listed on the NASDAQ stock market. One among them is NASDAQ: AAPL at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-aapl. It is the ticker name of the stock for the company “Apple.” It is the leading company in the field of consumer electronics as well as personal computers and is headquartered in California, America. The first product of this company came out in the market in early 2007. Steve Jobs founded it. It mainly focused on producing and designing computers until the past decade when it launched its range of products named iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

Everything about the stock

The NASDAQ: AAPL stock is listed on the NASDAQ-GS exchange under the technology sector and lies in Computer Manufacturing. The yearly target of the company is $437.50, with the volume of the share at 41391302. The share opened and previously closed at $459.32 and $460.34. The share’s current yielding capacity is 0.71%, and the monthly beta is estimated at around 1. The value of the company’s outstanding shares or market cap is 1965209655420. The AverageVolumeLabel is 38794122. The 52 weeks high as well as low are marked as $464.17 and $199.67, respectively. The Earnings Per Share (EPS) value is $13.15, and the ratio of P/E is 34.95. The annual dividend of the share is $3.28and the date of paying the same is AUGUST 2020. $460.00 and $452.18 are the shares high and low for today.

News about the share

Currently, Apple is working for fitness-oriented products and, at the same time, encouraging people into fitness and body and mind health. It is very similar to Peloton (NASDAQ-ON) and provides access to the massive library of fitness classes that take place virtually. There are high chances of the business’s growth since people are very focused on their health in current times. Besides, NASDAQ: AAPL initiated a program to repair independent parts and train shops that sell and deal with the goods manufactured by Apple. When this program was launched, it covered iPhones, but now they are trying to cover Macs. There was a huge uptick of 21.6% in the products’ quarterly sales and having a profit of $7 billion.

Thus, NASDAQ: AAPL is a share that should be bought since it is recommended by 40% of the stock experts, whereas 27.50% categorized it is a strong buy. The stock price’s average target is 425.17, with the higher estimate of 515.00 and a lower estimate of 195.43. It is the perfect time to buy the share via margin trading.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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