A Guide to Small Business Accounting


Even the small business has to keep accurate records, and this is something you should do from the very outset, as keeping track of expenditure can be a real challenge otherwise. If you are about to launch your own business, here are a few accounting tips to follow.

  • Get into the Right Routine – You should put aside the last hour of the day for updating your spreadsheets. If you keep your records up to date, your affordable accountant in Woking will have an easier job at the end of the year.
  • Make Good Use of Technology – There are many business software packages that take the hard work out of bookkeeping, and by using specific computer programs, things will be much easier. You can buy software packages that are industry specific, saving you a lot of time and money.
  • Don’t Leave Things too Long – Regarding your bookkeeping, you should always make sure that you are up to date, and don’t forget to keep all receipts, which your accountant will need at the end of the financial year. A daily or weekly bookkeeping session wil ensure that nothing is forgotten.
  • Attention to Detail – If at any time, your figures do not add up, then you must find the error, as even a penny has to be accounted for. It pays to be methodical about your bookkeeping, and if you don’t have the time, you can outsource it to your accountant.

If you start as you mean to continue, your accounts will be easy to understand, and when your accountant does your tax returns, they will find it very easy, and this will save you money.









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