Can You Buy Part of a Warehouse


Warehousing at a small business is a balancing act. A small business, especially a seasonal one, might not always need much warehouse space. However, you might need some warehouse space all the same. You could buy a small warehouse and hope that you make enough money to cover the expenses of operating the small warehouse. However, that will most likely result in wasted space when you’re in the off-season. Furthermore, you’ll be out of luck if your business outgrows that warehouse. You need a low-commitment warehouse that can rapidly scale up and down.

Multi-User Warehousing

Instead of buying your own warehouse, you can rent space in a multi-user warehouse. That option provides you with great value warehousing services in Basingstoke.

  • If you rent space in a warehouse, you’ll be able to pay for only the amount of space you need.
  • If your business suddenly expands, you can rent more space and move in more goods.
  • During the off-season when your business contracts, you can rent less space.
  • You will also save money on your warehouse expenses because you’ll save on labour.

Labour Costs

In many respects, the labour costs of running a business outweigh the other costs. If you run a warehouse, you need to hire people to catalogue, do inventory, load, pack, and ship all of the different goods in your warehouse. Alternately, if you hire warehousing services, you’ll be able to get all of those employees at no additional cost. They’ll work for the warehousing company and not for you. They will be able to provide quality service where you simply pay a flat rate as opposed to trying to find employees and train them.

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