How to market a product more effectively?

Products which are marketed properly have better sales. This is simply because they can reach to a wider range of customers and therefore, the chances of sales automatically increase.

There are different marketing agencies that can be contacted in order to understand different marketing strategies. It can be an additional cost, but however, it can be helpful in multiple ways.

Nevertheless, following are some of the ways in which you can market a product in the most effective manner:

Tell a story

Marketing is mostly about how you engage with the customers. If done so rightly, then you will be able to connect with more customers. This can effectively be done by telling a story about your product. Create a positive narrative which sticks in the minds of the customers. Try to evoke emotions of the customers by telling an engaging story. It is one of the easiest ways in which you can develop a relationship with the customers and communicate with them better.

Think unique

It is important to think uniquely. It will help you marketing the products with more effectiveness. Do something which the competitors are not doing. There are different ways to look at this approach. You can choose to seek inspiration from competitors, but however, you will lose individuality. Think differently how the product can give value to the customers. Thereafter, market it in a unique manner. Being unique in the competition will always help you to stand out amongst others.

Leverage social media

Whether you are running a company which helps customers to ship to the UK or are into the legal services, it is imperative that you leverage social media. In this day and age, social media is the king. Social media has billions of potential customers on it. Therefore, you can use it to connect with them and sell your products and services. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat should be used to your benefit. These are powerful marketing tools.

Understand SEO

If you are not familiar with SEO then you are missing out on a lot. SEO is one of the foundational elements of marketing. It is essentially how you can increase your search engine rankings and therefore, enhance the overall digital visibility. Use relevant keywords in contents, use back links and try for organic growth. This all will help in improving the SEO prospects and therefore, create a better digital marketing strategy.

Use influencers

Influencers are those individuals who influence other users. This means that they inspire a lot of other individuals. If they do a certain thing, people will follow the same. Influencers can be used for the purposes of promoting products and services. Businesses must ensure that influencer marketing is part of their strategy. It can help businesses to reach out to more customers and even convince them to purchase certain products and services. If you are not using influencers, then you are missing out on a lot.


Trends In PPC That You Just Can’t Overlook In 2019 And Beyond

In recent years, Pay per Click advertising has become a game-changer, it can turn the tides, soar the sales numbers overnight. PPC lets you effectively target your audience to increase your online business’s bottom line. There is a myriad of perks associated with PPC, above all, it’s like a switch-turn it on to drive results and turn it off to lower the burden from your shoulder. This is perhaps a big reason why the PPC is widely being accepted from small to big business. Here, in this post, we’ll be talking about the various PPC trends and we’ve rounded up five trends just can’t be undermined.

Audience vs. Keyword

When comes to Internet marketing, the keywords play an integral role, it can be a real difference between success and failure. PPC enables you to target a broader audience base, however, the accuracy is always under the scanner. But, Google recently has come up with a new feature that companies providing PPC services to include the target audiences, it helps you precisely reach out to your prospective audience to achieve greater meaningful results. The marketing nowadays takes great advantage of this audience targeting feature.

Automation & AI

Another big trend in the world of PPC is automation and AI. Automation has been evolving the way the marketers’ do internet marketing; however, the use of AI in automation has become increasingly common. The PPC automation over the years has significantly developed to act as an integral aspect of performing the campaigns successfully. If implemented perfectly, you can save a significant amount of time and money. Once the data is garnered, then the machine will take care of everything, then the PPC will be done to be effective.


Videos recently have become dominated part of marketing in 2018, and this will continue in 2019 and beyond. The video ads are more efficient than traditional ads. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, the videos cost low and gain better results.


It is one of the most effective means of tracking and displaying advertisements to the users even when they have moved out of your website, This personalised means of marketing is successful as they get recommendations with regards to the products are viewed by them. Remarketing is gaining global popularity, as it let you make your customers feel special and appreciated.

To garner the many benefits of the Pay Per Click advertisement, you are required to hire a trustworthy PPC services provider in your region. It is highly advisable to take your time before making the discussion, interviewing multiple candidates, and ask several questions to make the final decision. Also, weigh the quotes to hire the best in the business.


SMS Service Providers- Serving the service industry

Earlier, it used to take days for news to spread because of lack of resources. But, as science advanced, the invention of telegraphs and telegrams helped in faster communication, but it was limited to a fewer number of people. Now, text messaging and mail have taken over the communication world and have a great impact on the 21st century. Both of these means are used by small and big companies for various purposes. With many companies selling comparable quality of products and services, the one that wins is the one who reaches out to a maximum number of people.

SMS marketing is one of the best opportunities to communicate with people instantly and effectively. It came in way before social media and holds a good position even today. Bulk SMS allows the segmentation of an audience, allowing businesses to leverage data for targeted messages. It is the perfect way to reach out to customers on a personal level and ensure that every single message conveys relevant information. Companies are making use of this unused platform in the best manner possible to reach out to thousands of people in a click of a second.

Bulk SMS pack providers provide various services which depend on the factors like SMS delivery speed that measures the delivery time of the message, API integration that helps to automate messages, web interface that gives a decent idea about how intuitive the solution will be, delivery ratio that plays around with delivery percentages in order to achieve higher profits, SMS add-on/plugins that helps in the integration of different platforms, security that checks for the security of the user interface and pricing that deals with good quality content which is worth the price.

SMS service providers offer services like SMS marketing campaigns which are used for promoting offers, services, new product launches, cost effective and reliable modes of marketing. These campaigns also help in improvising sales of products. The service providers look after the transactional SMS that is sent to the registered customers and the OTP process which includes integration of 2-factor authentication or mobile verification within seconds of time.

These service providers have a team of highly experienced individuals, powerful SMS applications, secured API’s. They maintain the privacy of the company’s data and ease the use of the applications. They aim at making the application user-friendly They provide technical assistance at any hour through email or over the call. Retail and ecommerce industries are taking maximum advantage of this skillset and are gaining high customer purchases through promotional and transactional SMS route.

They provide a range of customized solutions that enable entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profit organizations to communicate with their existing and potential clients and help them drive new sales and warm leads.


How to Produce Content for Email Marketing

It’s no secret that email marketing is essential for good customer engagement. An email sent directly to a customer inbox is far more likely to be read than a string of tweets sent hopefully out into the void. Customer emails can also be personalised in a way that public posts cannot, and they can be sent specifically to your target market.

Over 59% of marketers consider email marketing to essential to their companies’ campaigns. And in 2019, with the ever-increasing distrust in social media, email marketing is only set to increase in significance. So, if you are a business owner and you have not yet got to grips with email marketing: stop what you are doing. It’s time.

Here are some top tips on how to produce content for email marketing.

  1. Nail that subject line

A clear, snappy subject line will see your emails opened far more often than a dreary or unclear one. If you’re stuck, think about what grabs your attention in your inbox. Try using action words, using your customers’ names, and keeping it short and sweet.

  1. Personalise!

Do you ever get letters or emails addressed “Dear subscriber” or “Dear customer”? How does it make you feel? Are you more or less likely to read on when the email is clearly meant for anyone?

Marketing emails which address customers by name generate a 14% increase in click-through rate. For extra impact, write your emails in the second person. By addressing the reader directly, you can foster an immediate sense of intimacy.

  1. Get to the point

You’re not trying to win a literary prize. You’re not even there to tell jokes. You’ve sent an email to your customers in order to get your message across. Have you released a new product? Are you offering a special discount? Whatever you want to say, say it. Keep it short and to the point. Your customers will appreciate that you don’t waste their time.

In the same vein, make sure your subject line is an accurate reflection of your email. Don’t try and lure people in with one thing then hit them with another. And whatever you do: do not spam! Only reach out when you have a real message.

  1. Be authentic

Just because you’re keeping things brief doesn’t mean you need to lose all personality. Keep things professional, yes, but write how you would usually speak to a customer in person. If your business is a bit more laid back, loosen up a little! And if your business is all about that professional image, keep your emails crisp and clean.

  1. Consider calling in the experts

There’s no way around it: email marketing is nerve-wracking. The stakes are high, and you can’t get away from the feeling of putting yourself out there. If you’re still unsure about where to start, there is a wealth of resources available to help you build unique and effective marketing campaigns. Start with the simple and popular products at


Online Marketing Options to Acquire Business and Drive Sales

There is no denying the business benefits of having a strong online presence, which begins with your website itself and extends to social media, advertisements, and other forms of marketing that ultimately intend to bring website visits and drive conversions.

There are plenty of opportunities to be taken advantage of, all of which can be undertaken by a professional, off-site service. The benefits of hiring a team to handle your online marketing range from increased productivity to better results in general and you can find marketing management in all sorts of areas.

What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is the idea that you can maximise your online visibility in terms of search engine results by practicing good habits such as smooth and mobile-friendly webpages or investing in content marketing and technical improvements. All of these services help your business position itself higher in the search engine results, which would ultimately lead to more traffic.

You can learn more about search engine optimisation or have a professional company take care of it for you. Online marketing in Dubai makes all of the necessary adjustments to help your business get seen and hopefully drive more sales.

Intelligent Marketing

Understanding how to operate ads on search engines is one thing but understanding the analytics and how people interact with your site and using that information to make adjustments that should drive results is another.

Your marketing team will not only run and manage your ads but will also monitor and adjust them in ways that drive the most sales and site conversions.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is huge but it is very much a skill and rather than worry about the best ways to market yourself on social media, you can hire somebody to do this for you.

As part of their comprehensive marketing solutions, online marketing teams tackle social media to help get your business out to the largest possible audience.

Mobile Web Design

Additionally, your online marketers can often fully design a site for you. Mobile-friendly websites are absolutely essential in a world where most Internet searches take place on a mobile device and search engines are beginning to create indexes based on the mobile versions of web pages.

If you don’t have a mobile site, you may have your marketing team help you create one. A mobile-friendly site is not only important for search engine position but also potential customer experience. Potential customers can be turned away by a difficult-to-navigate, non-mobile-friendly webpage that they are trying to view on their mobile devices.

Even if you don’t understand all of the ways that you can better market yourself online, you can find a professional service that does.


Make Your Corporate Videos Work for You

Just as employees are expected to work to the best of their abilities to make the company employing them great, so too are the corporate videos you employ as part of your marketing strategies. The analogy might seem a little strange, but it is a perfectly accurate description of how a corporate video needs to boost your business. Key to this, as with people, is having the correct qualifying features.

Make it purpose-driven

Corporate video production is all about moving your business towards a specific goal. This goal is what gives your video purpose and direction, for instance whether it needs to attract or inform potential clients or investors. If you want to inform viewers about a product, make that your purpose and have a corporate video production company help you to make a high-quality video focused on that purpose.

An inseparable element of this purpose is relevance. Your video must be relevant to the purpose that is driving it. It sounds like the same thing, but there is a subtle difference. For instance you could talk about your company as well as your product in the video, but if the purpose is to market the product then you want the vast majority of the content to be all about the product. That extra focus is the relevance – not digressing too far from the topic, if at all.

Insist on revisions

Video productions are creative processes, so it is rare that corporate videos will work out exactly how you intended. Sometimes this is for the better, but sometimes not. This is why you must insist on making provision for revisions depending on your opinion of the initial rendering of the video. A professional, trustworthy corporate video production company will have this provision in place without you needing to fight for it.

Optimise your video format

Once your corporate video has been reviewed and revised to the point that you are happy with it, you need to make sure it is delivered in the correct format. Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube all require specific formatting, and your video production company should be capable of delivering the necessary product to suit your platform of choice. This will ensure quality and accessibility, and in that way your video will work for you to the best of its capabilities.

Always have a backupLast but far from least, always make sure that the corporate video production company through whom you’ve worked gives you duplicates of your video. Once you have those, ensure that you make your own backups as well. There is nothing quite as devastating as having paid for something great, only to lose it and have no way of getting it back. Imagine being forced to start the process all over again! So always have a backup ready.


Welcome To The Age Of Digital: The Importance Of Digital Marketing

Some business owners reading this blog post may be dumbfounded by the very idea that the vital role of digital marketing still needs to be re-emphasised – after all, the statistics scream of its importance.According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics, 78% of adults in Great Britain accessed the Internet every day, or almost every day, in 2015, compared to a mere 35% in 2006.

We could cite many more figures to back up our point. Whereas in 2006, only 57% of households in Great Britain had Internet access, this had risen to 86% by last year. If anything, the digital age is set to become a yet more fundamental feature of our lives, even when we are nowhere near a traditional desktop PC. After all, almost all – 96% – of adults aged between 16 and 24 accessed the Internet ‘on the go’ in 2015, compared to a mere 29% of those aged 65 years and over.

The Online Era Makes Digital Marketing Inescapable

But of course, you already know all of the above, or at least, the gist of it. You’ve sat on a bus while someone next to you has fiddled with their smartphone, purchased goods online for delivery to your home, and almost certainly invested in a wide range of digital appliances. In today’s emerging ‘Internet of Things’ era, some of those devices may not even be what you had previously regarded as ‘digital’. Even the most technophobic of us now know about smartwatches thanks to the Apple Watch, but what about smart fridges and smart toasters? Yep, they’re very much on their way.

But let’s get back to the subject of digital marketing. In the current, highly visual age, you are being marketed to seemingly all of the time, even when you don’t consciously realise it, and you can be sure that much of that marketing is being delivered in digital form. Those email newsletters from your favourite brands, those reactive and witty social media posts by internationally known restaurant chains, that online video advertising the latest series of that supposedly must-not-miss TV show… they all count, as do the likes of blogging, Pay Per Click (PPC) and even mobile apps.

In 2016, Merely ‘Going Digital’ Isn’t Enough

As we come to embrace newer forms of digital marketing such as the use of social influencers, so digital marketing becomes ever-more embedded into our day-to-day lives. Did you know, for instance, that during the three months from November 2015 to January 2016, a major digital tipping point was reached,with the percentage of UK online retail sales made through mobile devices exceeding 50% for the first time, according to the ‘e-tail’ industry association IMRG?

To be more exact, desktop and laptop computers only accounted for 49% of total UK online sales during that quarter, compared to the 33% and 18% garnered by tablets and smartphones respectively. It means that if a business launches digital marketing campaigns aimed at only the first, albeit most traditionally dominant of those categories, it could still be completely missing more than half of its target audience. That equates to a huge proportion of potentially lost sales that no business – even if it does not consider itself an online-oriented one – can afford.

Digital Marketing Isn’t Just Essential – It’s An Opportunity

So, from one point of view, your business can’t avoid digital marketing for the simple reason that doing so would lead to a significant loss of market share to rivals – indeed, you may even struggle to continue trading. But on the positive side, digital marketing also represents an immense opportunity for small businesses in particular. Whereas just a few decades ago, only the big corporations could hope to launch a widely impactful marketing campaign, the rise of digital has made such an ambition a realistic one for even the most modest of firms.

Through digital marketing, not only can your business reach more of its target audience and do so more affordably, quickly and directly, it can also gather previously unavailable information about its customers and their habits that will inform your efforts to maximise future ROI. It is also thanks to digital that you can enjoy a more intimate relationship with your customers, providing them with ‘real-time’ service via multiple devices. Having a digital-ready marketing approach already in place also, of course, leaves you perfectly placed to take advantage of the ‘Internet of Things’.

Ultimately, the reasons not to give digital a central role in your organisation’s marketing efforts are becoming scarcer all of the time. So, why not contact Shaboom Marketing now for more information about who we are, what we do and the astonishing digital marketing impact that we can help your firm to make?


Rhett A Cunningham – Role of Email marketing and sales

Marketing is a strategy that is used to influence and make people aware about any specific product, business or services. When an email is used as an effective commercial message send to group of people aimed at the purpose of marketing then this method is known as email marketing. Email is send to potential customers in order to make them aware about specific product or services. Purpose of email marketing is to build brand awareness. The content may contain new business ideas, advertisements, discounts, promotions and achievements that could boost business in effective manner. It can be sent to existing or new customers depending on the purpose of marketing.

Forms of email marketing

Email marketing is intended to communicate through promotional message. It can be used to make announcement by providing information message through special offer. Different companies or customers could be targeted. Transactional email can also be another form of marketing that is used to provide information in response to the action caused.

Take professional support for email marketing

Firms and companies can keep customers engaged by building good relationship with customers for long period of time. However writing emails to customers can be done effectively only by expert professionals who have good knowledge, experience and skills in the field of email marketing. You can always take services from experts like Rhett A Cunningham, who can help you achieve the desired target. Email marketing is a cheap and quick means by which you can achieve potential. You can use this easy and quick tool for advertising your product. Email marketing can result in higher response rate and also help many e-commerce companies to earn more profit and improve business. It provides flexibility to business and companies. With the help of this effective tool, you can reach thousands of subscribers within few minutes and one can receive details by keeping them interested.

How to use email marketing effectively

If you are looking to increase your business then you need to hire experts who can help you conduct email marketing in professional manner. Different strategies need to be developed in better ways so that you can reach thousands of consumers easily in short interval of time. If you can follow email marketing tips effectively then you can easily reach more customers. Rhett A Cunningham is an expert professional who can help you write email marketing in best effective manner. He has personally designed over 400 different campaigns for different companies.


If you are looking to take maximum benefit of online marketing tools such as email marketing then you must hire services from experts who can help you achieve the full potential of marketing. You need to hire experts like Rhett A Cunningham who can easily help you develop a good marketing strategy. The idea of marketing is to reach potential customers and you can easily reach the customers in a good manner by taking support from those experts who can easily help you increase more profits and business.


Sms Marketing for the Uninformed – Best Investment

SMS marketing is the marketing by use of mobile phone. By using a mobile phone the marketing communication is transferred to the interested customers. It’s an area of marketing which has garnered a lot of interest of both small and large businesses which is understandable because about 70% of the population in world now has a mobile phone and about 50% of the searches are done from a cell phone. It is a more personal and direct form of marketing and is very affordable.

But there are some things to consider before you go towards the SMS marketplace:


People see their mobile phone numbers as private so they won’t give it to you as easily as their email addresses. You will need to develop a relationship of trust to gain their mobile numbers. The numbers can be collected by giving them a number, through which they can subscribe to your SMS campaign, asking them while on phone, by help of a signup sheet or by submission forms on your website.


Follow the guidelines below and try being clear with your customers when introducing SMS marketing:

  • Message infrequently, once a month perhaps. Never more than two times per month.
  • Make sure that the offers which are given to customers that share their mobile phone number with you are exclusive.
  • Use SMS to send customers premium notices e.g. an appointment reminder, an upcoming service date or an order coming in.

When you have collected the numbers and started the SMS campaign be sure to remove customers from the SMS list when they unsubscribe as it’s illegal if not done.


Some of the laws pertaining to the SMS marketing are:

Only Opt-In
Consent is necessary to be taken from customer before sending a text message.

unsubscribe option is necessary and if its selected by customer, then further SMS shouldn’t be sent.

Aware of the Costs
customers should be made aware that additional fees may be charged if they aren’t on unlimited SMS messaging plan.


Once mobile numbers have been collected and there has been verification of all legal responsibilities then the SMS marketing service can be started. By the use of a 3rd party service provider it’s ensured that there’s a track on the return on investment for your campaign, embedding of an unsubscribe message and the SMS marketing database is easily manageable including unsubscribed.


Posting your Ads Online is Easy

Posting your ads online on free classified sites is really easy. It need not need any specific technique or trend. You just need to follow simple steps mentioned on the site and you can easily post your ad on the site for free.

It is always suggested to post quality ad on any site whether it is free or paid. Most of the people give extra care when posting on paid sites but miss to give importance to ads posted on free sites. This is really a big mistake and can have negative effect on your business and sale.

One should keep in mind that it’s not the matter that you are paying or not for posting your ad on the site but since it’s your ad which is to be posted it need to look catchy, interesting and attractive. Your ad should always be a quality ad so that people can get attracted and attached to it and can go for it. Your ad represents your business and the service or product you are selling. Thus, it is important to present it well so that people can find it interesting and want to buy from you. Make your business flourish online with the help of your ads and thus post your free ads today.

When posting your ad online it is very important to post inside a right category. This is important so that people can come through it at the right place and you get buyers interested in your service or product. Post free ads online today, and make your business run smooth and achieve heights that you always aimed for.