Claiming for Dog Bites: The Breeds of Dog Most Likely to Cause Serious Injury


Some dogs are considered potentially dangerous whether or not they are being handled correctly by their owners. It is about being mindful of restraining them in public and muzzling them when appropriate. We do not want to take away the freedom of a dog when we value ours so much but there is no doubt that many dogs cannot be trusted when, because of their breed, they pose an enhanced threat to humans, young and old.

Dog bites are something that can be claimed for by using an injury lawyer. You can look one up online and then see whether there is a claim to pursue. The rewards are financially beneficial and it sends out a message to irresponsible dog owners that such a claim is possible. By being awarded damages, injured parties will feel that justice has been done and also be rewarded for lost working hours and distress suffered from the incident. This will all be factored into claims.

So, now it is time to consider just which breeds of dog pose the greatest danger and therefore will become the likely subjects of a personal injury claim. To pursue, and if already in that situation, you would be well-advised to hire a personal injury lawyer to deal with the formalities and intricacies of the law.

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Pit Bull

The pit bull is undoubtedly the most dangerous dog we may face as a human, whether we are their owner or an unfortunate passer-by that they have taken a dislike to. We should take care while in their company, but ultimately it is the responsibility of the dog’s owner to make sure that everyone coming into contact with such a dog remains safe.

A pit bull has something of a reputation when it comes to causing death and severely injuring its victims after mauling. So, it then goes beyond a dog bite and can mean that more serious injuries to the body will need to be compensated for as a result of a sustained or even brief attack.

Originally, the pit bull was bred for baiting bulls and also protecting hunters from bears, so has been bred to be aggressive. We have to note this if still considering it sensible to own one. The reason that people might will, of course, be to use them as a guard dog. It is one thing warning people not to go near a property, but quite another leaving them open to injury. In the case of pit bulls, their bark is very much indicative of their bite. So, if you have suffered an attack recently, seek a personal injury lawyer. To discover more information about American Pit Bull Terriers, visit this website:

German Shepherd

It might surprise many to know that a German Shepherd makes the dangerous dog list. It does rank more highly than many other breeds of dog. The statistics will back this up.

An American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) study conducted did confirm the German Shepherd to be one of the most dangerous dog breeds based on the severity of its bite and how frequently it is known to bite. So, these are the two criteria we might measure any dog breed by in terms of the danger they pose. It is about the German Shepherd being more dangerous than the average dog breed. It should be noted that the breed is not at the top of the list, though. That spot is reserved for the pit bull, which ranks along way ahead of any other breed.

Historically, German Shepherds were bred for livestock herding and not as aggressive dogs. However, many German Shepherds do have a tendency to be aggressive, which just needs to be kept in check. It is comforting to know, though, that a German Shepherd can be both a loving and protective pet. This can be a nice combination to have from a dog.

Other Breeds

We should note that any breed of dog has the potential to attack. It is wise to never provoke a dog, be aware that they could be irritable in hot weather, and not leave them alone with particularly young children. They are an animal, after all. They can be unpredictable no matter what their breed. Then you have to think of the power the dog could have.

There is a good case here for having your dog trained professionally, as well as maintaining that awareness that dog bites can still happen. If you are not confident with your dog, a muzzle is always best. If you are trying to avoid dog bites, then respect a dog’s space. However, accidents happen when we are least expecting them, and not necessarily because of our fault, so this is where a personal injury lawyer can help us to achieve a fair payout when we should have been protected from the dog in question.

So, know the types of dogs to keep your distance from unless you know them extremely well. Even then, take care. Also, bear in mind that there are personal injury lawyers out there to take up your case should you find yourself bitten by another’s dog.

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