Discovering Good Deals On A Budget


Face it; with many consumers struggling to balance their budgets and the cost of living increasing on many fronts, enjoying various products and services has become harder and harder for many folks.

With that said, there still are deals out there if you know where and how to look for them.

While the old-fashioned way of shopping for items still works in many instances, knowing how to use different available tools along the way certainly comes in handy.

Using Social Media

One of the best tools consumers can use is social media.

If you have not been thoroughly active on social media up to now, make 2015 the year that you put it to more use than just chatting with friends and family.

In using social media to shop for the best values, consumers are scoring great deals and services that they may have ultimately missed out on.

Some of the top ways companies reach out to consumers include:

  • Company social pages – First and foremost, consumers should look to see if the companies selling the products and services they’re interested in are active on the popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. If they are, check out the pages to see if they are promoting any deals at the moment. For instance, a satellite television provider like may be offering deals on packages for movies, sports, lifestyle or a number of other channels. Along with announcing it on their own website, they are likely to make note of the specials on social media;
  • Emails – Although you may be quick to delete emails you receive from companies, there will oftentimes be information and/or links to savings in them for you. Let’s say you get an email from Target announcing specials for the holidays, some with savings up to 50 percent off etc. Instead of hitting delete and not even reading the message, take the 30 or 60 seconds needed to scroll through the ad. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find;
  • Traditional advertisements – While many companies have put more emphasis in recent years on social media and mobile marketing, many still find the traditional mailer a good way to reach out to shoppers. Unlike social media, emails and mobile ads that all involve one form or another of technology, the old-fashioned mailing lists still resonate with many companies and consumers. This can especially be true in the case of senior citizens, many of whom do not own or have interest in computers. Whether you are young or old, take a minute or two to read through those business mailers that come to you, with the expectation that there could be some real savings awaiting you.

At the end of the day, companies know they have to make their products and services of interest to consumers, especially when money is tight.

By utilizing a host of advertising and marketing efforts, companies can do just that.

For the consumer, set aside some time to find the best deals available leaving both you and your wallet happier.

It should not come as a huge surprise that more and more consumers are looking for deals in today’s world.


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