Everything You Need to Know about a Label Printer


Label printers are commonly used in supermarkets and stores for managing inventory. You can just put up a custom label on each product so that you know where it is kept, how much it costs, and any other relevant information. Most of the labels usually contain a barcode which includes all of this information when it is read through a scanner. Important details such as the batch shipment number and the order date are all included within the label. All of the products you purchase from local markets nowadays come with a label that includes basic information such as the name of the product, the manufacturing date, the expiration date, and some other information. A barcode is also included on the label for usage by the company.

Specialist labels can only be printed with the help of custom label printers. Label printers come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from small handheld ones to larger ones that are capable of printing a lot of labels in one go. Label printers can be used for printing RFID tags, shipping labels, CD labels, bar codes, and a lot more. The more advanced printer you buy, the more kinds of labels you will be able to print.

Types of Printers

DAL label printers are widely used in the local industries, and are quite popular nowadays. If you are looking for a reliable printer that is going to last you a long time, you should always buy one from a reputable brand. However, as mentioned above, label printers are available in different varieties. Here are some of the different types of printers you can buy.

Desktop Printers

Desktop printers are capable of using up to 10 cm stock paper for printing the labels. They are simply designed for occasional use, and are not very suitable in larger supermarkets.

Commercial Label Printers

These are designed for regular usage and are capable of using up to 20 cm stock. They are commonly found in supermarkets and used in commercial entities for printing out labels in large quantities.

Industrial Label Printers

Industrial label printers are designed for continuous usage, and are also capable of producing industrial labels in very high volumes within a short amount of time. These printers come in both portable as well as non-portable versions, and you can choose which one you want based on your requirements.

RFID Printers

You can also buy RFID printers that are only designed for printing RFID tags. Given the fact that RFID tags are now so commonly used for providing entry into different kinds of events, these printers are usually used by event organisers for printing out entry tickets and tags.

There’s also a personal model available that you can use at home in order to print labels for yourself. Personal label printers are generally handheld and can be used for printing labels around the house. These are just some of the things you should know about buying a label printer.

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