Filing Elmiron lawsuits: Things that patients need to know!


If you, or a loved one, suffered maculopathy or other retina-related vision problems, you may be eligible for Elmiron lawsuit. These lawsuits, filed in many states in the US, claim that the developer and manufacturer of the drug – Janssen Pharmaceuticals – failed to warn physicians and the public about the possible risks of the drug. The legal claim for compensation by patients diagnosed with pigmentary maculopathy is what the lawsuit is all about. In this post, we are sharing some of the basic things worth knowing about Elmiron lawsuits. 

The basic things

Most Elmiron lawsuits have been filed by patients who have suffered maculopathy after taking the drug. The lawsuits state that the company didn’t mention “maculopathy” as one of the risks related to Elmiron, prior to June 2020. Since the possible complications were not mentioned on the packaging, doctors were unaware of the same. Had doctors knew that Elmiron can cause vision problems, they may not have recommended it, while patients had the choice to not take it. Here comes the big question – does Elmiron cause pigmentary maculopathy? At the moment, there is substantial evidence that around 25% patients using Elmiron may suffer from vision issues.  

How to file an Elmiron lawsuit?

There are some amazing law firms that are filing Elmiron lawsuits on behalf of patients. These are essentially separate lawsuits but get consolidated in what is known as “multi-district litigation (MDL)”. MDLs come in handy for streamlining the lawsuits, especially when related to medicinal products, drugs, and devices. It should be noted that this is not a type of class action, which means that MDL plaintiffs will get different settlements, depending on their suffering and other circumstances. There have been no settlements on Elmiron lawsuits yet, but law firms representing plaintiffs are taking all possible steps to get big financial settlements for their clients. 

Talk to a lawyer

In terms of settlement from Elmiron lawsuits, plaintiffs can expect to cover for their medical bills, lost wages, lost capacity of earning, and overall suffering, although settlements may not be the same for everyone. If you believe that you have suffered the consequences of taking the drug, the first step is to talk to a law firm in your state that is willing to take these lawsuits. An experienced lawyer should be able to guide you on whether your charges are valid to file an Elmiron lawsuit, and what you can realistically expect from the case.

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