How to Buy a Family Health Insurance in 10 Minutes


What to Keep in Mind While Buying Family Health Insurance?

Human life is surrounded by so many perils. Large financial holes get created due to the loss of the earning member of the family or emotional vacuum are some of the effects of the loss of a family member. Such financial burdens can frequently be mitigated through a good insurance plan. Health Insurance can act as a backbone at the time of critical illness or death of a family member and can be a boon when it comes with a comprehensive cover. A family health insurance plan relieves one from buying multiple health insurance policies for family members. Usually, one’s employer provides an insurance cover, but it may not extend to the family. Family health insurance is able to provide cover to the spouse and a maximum of 4 children. Some insurance policies may also extend the cover to the buyer’s parents as well as in-laws. A new member can also be easily added to the policy. However, for such a floater policy, additional charges may be levied. With lifestyle diseases on the rise, it is necessary to get all the members of the family covered.

The following aspects underline the importance of family health insurance:

  • Family health insurance can fortify you and your family’s valuable life from pervasive perils. Some policies cover existing diseases with a waiting period of approximately 2 years.
  • In the times of escalating medical costs, family health insurance is a support system at the time of unforeseen expenditures arising out of medical emergencies or critical illnesses.
  • Buying family health insurance also comes with additional benefits like free medical check-ups and no limit on hospitalization charges for instance, that can be compared and reviewed before buying.
  • The range of types of insurance policies available today, apart from offering tax benefits, offers savings and investment options as well so as to strengthen the financial cover for your family.

How to Buy a Family Health Plan?

There is a range of insurers in the market that can be reviewed and compared with an agent or online. While buying, you need to take into consideration the key things we discussed above. Buying a policy that has a low premium will often lead to a compromise on the comprehensiveness of the cover. Therefore, one must assess the needs and then look for a policy that is in budget and is able to provide the necessary cover. Ideally, you should also study the exclusions in the policy as sometimes the claim can become void if the peril has not been included in the policy. To buy a comprehensive health insurance plan for your family, you need to do nothing more than visit the online portal of your insurer and avail of a family health insurance plan in less than 10 minutes from sites like Bharti AXA.

A strain-free life is a result of buying a comprehensive health insurance plan that is able to fortify the medical needs of your entire family.

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