Jungle Scout Vs Viral Launch – Choosing The Correct Research Tool For You


Using Amazon’s incredible FBA tools is a great way to fuel your market research before you launch your products eventually on the Amazon platform. Fortunately, with the launch of super cool tools in this zone, you are spoilt for choices. However, this same fact can create an issue if you are torn between making a choice so here is a comparative analysis of two of the giants of amazon market research tools – Jungle Scout vs Viral launch.

Choosing Based On Popularity

Various surveys on most popular search engines have pitted both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch against each other and it seems that Jungle Scout might have an edge over its competitors in terms of audience outreach and popularity. This also means that more people are choosing this option and finding that it fits their overall requirements.

Compatibility with Google and Google Chrome

Both tools have launched extensions to make them completely compatible with Google’s main browser, Chrome. However, with Jungle Scout you may have to buy the extension as an added package while Viral Launch has the extension inbuilt within its primary package.

Feature-Rich Interface – Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout offers almost 10 specific features which include an exhaustive product database to help with the cataloguing and comparison of your products. You can filter the sale with regards to different product categories and projected sales or revenue data. The tracker helps to alert you with regard to any shifts in the seasonal parameters of your product sales. The opportunity finder helps the client to find more trends and product categories for their successful product launches in the future. Apart from this, you also get features such as Keywords scout and a supplier’s database to help you arrange your entire marketing agenda accordingly. You also get the major analytics tools to have all of your data arranged cohesively within the interface to analyze the different parameters before you make a sale decision that will have the maximum success rate.

Viral Launch – Feature Comparison

The Viral Launch tools have 9 major feature categories as compared to the Jungle Scout tool. The kinetic PPC, for instance, is to help you automate the entire sale function on your Amazon account. Further, you can use the product discovery feature to get an idea of the different sales patterns and set customized filters accordingly. The market intelligence feature allows for projections that can be used to create precision-based estimates for your sales and product statistics. The keyword research tool can be used for its basic function of customizing the sales strategies according to the search patterns of your target audiences. The Viral Launch interface also offers a competitor intelligence tool that can help you set sales strategies based on the comparative analysis of your competitors to spark ideas that you might not have tried yet.

Finally, the Jungle Scout tool offers a high savings percentage of about 50% with their annual plans and you can also opt for a 14 Day refund option for a risk-free trial of the services. The Viral Launch platform has a pricing plan for both monthly and yearly categories but their way of offering a bonus on annual plans is to provide a free extended period of 2 months on the subscription.

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