Make Your Corporate Videos Work for You


Just as employees are expected to work to the best of their abilities to make the company employing them great, so too are the corporate videos you employ as part of your marketing strategies. The analogy might seem a little strange, but it is a perfectly accurate description of how a corporate video needs to boost your business. Key to this, as with people, is having the correct qualifying features.

Make it purpose-driven

Corporate video production is all about moving your business towards a specific goal. This goal is what gives your video purpose and direction, for instance whether it needs to attract or inform potential clients or investors. If you want to inform viewers about a product, make that your purpose and have a corporate video production company help you to make a high-quality video focused on that purpose.

An inseparable element of this purpose is relevance. Your video must be relevant to the purpose that is driving it. It sounds like the same thing, but there is a subtle difference. For instance you could talk about your company as well as your product in the video, but if the purpose is to market the product then you want the vast majority of the content to be all about the product. That extra focus is the relevance – not digressing too far from the topic, if at all.

Insist on revisions

Video productions are creative processes, so it is rare that corporate videos will work out exactly how you intended. Sometimes this is for the better, but sometimes not. This is why you must insist on making provision for revisions depending on your opinion of the initial rendering of the video. A professional, trustworthy corporate video production company will have this provision in place without you needing to fight for it.

Optimise your video format

Once your corporate video has been reviewed and revised to the point that you are happy with it, you need to make sure it is delivered in the correct format. Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube all require specific formatting, and your video production company should be capable of delivering the necessary product to suit your platform of choice. This will ensure quality and accessibility, and in that way your video will work for you to the best of its capabilities.

Always have a backupLast but far from least, always make sure that the corporate video production company through whom you’ve worked gives you duplicates of your video. Once you have those, ensure that you make your own backups as well. There is nothing quite as devastating as having paid for something great, only to lose it and have no way of getting it back. Imagine being forced to start the process all over again! So always have a backup ready.

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