Reasons to Consider Slatwall Panels


Trends in design have often been unexpected. For homes, they might involve interesting ways to influence a space practically while simultaneously creating a welcoming environment. Then, for new businesses, they are often sought to be low cost and adaptable, having to fit into strict budgets and various spaces. In recent years, both within the home and professional worlds, design trends have picked up on slatwall panels.

Most people may still think of retailers when it comes to slatwall. They might imagine white walls covered with discreet grooves used to hang stock and showcase various items. It is a very real image and shops have made use of their vertical spaces for many years thanks to slatwall panels. Not only does it allow for the quick shifting and adapting of displays but it also builds upon previously empty space, allowing the stock to be further spread around the store. However, despite remaining within the retail industry for the majority of its life, slatwall panelling is beginning to spread.

Interior designers and homeowners are finding both practical and decorative use for slatwall panels. Inspirational websites, such as Pinterest, are full of slatwall panel ideas for the home. They can serve a practical and organisational service to the home, and many people have installed slatwall panels in closets, hallways, and hobby rooms to help organise items that also need accessibility. Some homes are even replacing their imposing wardrobes with slatwall panels, hanging their clothing without having to compromise the space of a room, which is perfect for more contained living spaces.

Many homes are also using panels for adjustable and stylish decorations. With the rising popularity of house plants, Scandinavian design, and minimalism, having a flat shelving space is desired by many homeowners. Whether you are wanting to use hooks to hang plants or shelves to display ceramics, slatwall panels can support you, while also being easily swapped out later.

Some homeowners are painting their slatwall to fit a certain decor, however, the panels themselves are available in a wide variety of colours and materials. If a home requires a natural finish, such as oak, or a more interesting design, such as granite, finding an available slatwall style will not be difficult.

Outside of homes, smaller businesses are also reviving the classic slatwall panel design. For many coffee bars, often restricted to small, unusual spaces and with low budgets, slatwall panels are a great option. By allowing decorations and tools to be hung upon the wall, they allow shop space to be free for customers and support a relaxing atmosphere. Slatwall panels also appeal in such a scenario due to their low cost, especially when compared with other shelving and display furniture options.

Some business spaces, such as exhibition galleries or pop-up shops, are required to adapt to different companies and individuals on a regular basis. Having a low impact shelving option with great potential is invaluable to an ever-changing space, which is why, more and more often, they are sourcing slatwall panels from Crown Display and similar reputable suppliers for their sites.

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