Should you hire an attorney for your divorce in Charlotte?


If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, you don’t need to start a blame-game to get divorce from your spouse. However, to file for divorce in the state, the couple should be living apart and separately for at least a year prior to filing. Also, as per the residency requirements, either of the spouses must have lived in NC for at least 6 months before filing for divorce. Like most people, you probably have one important question in mind – Do I really need to hire Charlotte divorce attorney? In this post, we are talking more on why an attorney is important, even when you are filing for an uncontested divorce.

Nothing is permanent

Even if your spouse doesn’t want to, you can file for divorce in NC, as long as separation and residency requirements are met. That said, once you have filed for divorce, things between you and your spouse can change. If there was a history of domestic violence in your marriage, or your spouse is threatening your safety, you need an attorney to work in your interests. A skilled divorce lawyer knows what it takes to navigate through the laws and help a client in settling their marital matters sooner.

Easing the work

Divorce is more than just paperwork. However, when you get a lawyer for your case, you take the important step is easing the work involved at every step. Your lawyer will submit the initial forms, check with the local sheriff’s office to serve the summons to your spouse, and prep for the road ahead. All you need to do is sign the papers as instructed by your attorney and discuss your expectations from the process. Accomplished divorce lawyers are aware of the possible circumstances well in advance, and they will prep accordingly.

Negotiation and mediation

Even when a couple is otherwise at ease, discussing divorce matters may not be easy. This includes things like –

  1. Child custody
  2. Alimony or spousal support
  3. Child support
  4. Distribution of assets and marital property

If you don’t want to talk directly with your spouse, hiring an attorney can actually help. Your lawyer can talk to your spouse and their attorney, which will ease the time needed for mediation. Eventually, divorce lawyers want to settle things outside of court, and if that means talking for months, they may consider that too, to avoid a trial.

Talk to an attorney to know how quickly you can get done with your divorce in Charlotte.

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