Sparking Creativity When Studying By Using Something You Wouldn’t Expect


It has long been understood that cannabis has a positive effect on sparking creativity and allowing people to think outside the box. Many cannabis users speak of the way the substance can open their imagination, and help them to access new areas of thinking that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to access.

Each cannabis strain produces a different effect on the human body, in part due to different concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids, and only a select number of strains can induce the spark of creativity that is needed. Here are our recommendations.

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Kali Mist

If you are looking for a Sativa strain that also produces a euphoric effect along with the increase in creativity, the Kali Mist strain should be considered. Users report that the strain can awaken your imagination, and increase motivation as well as inspiration. This is a great strain to use if you wish to examine and take a look at some new and interesting ideas which requires clarity of thought with no distractions from any other issues.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is another strain that has become popular with those looking to increase their creativity. You will quickly notice the sharp pine aroma that the strain possesses, and catapults you into a relaxed but focused mindset. This strain is ideal if you are looking for a strain that keeps you on an even-keel, but allows you to stretch and explore your creative muscles.


If you are looking for something that is a bit more potent, Chemdawg is a strain that you may want to take a look at. We would only recommend this strain if you have used other strong strains before this. When we tried this strain, it was like switching our creativity to the “turbo boost” setting. You will experience a high, which can be rather dizzying, so make sure you take a low dose to begin with. But, many find this dizzying high as a good way to unlock their creativity, but for others, it will make just make you sleepy and zoned out. Many thoughts will run through your head as you experience the dizzying high, so it is just a case of managing this to best effect.

We would recommend that you ask your local dispensary for recommendations as to the best strain to use to spark creativity. They may have strains that worked well with other customers that may prove effective for you. Use the dispensaries near me open now tool to search for your nearest location.

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