The Benefits of a Height Adjustable Desk


In your office, you need to make sure you have the best furniture for yourself and your co-workers. The furniture you choose needs to be comfortable, fashionable, and great for productivity. It often goes ignored, but the furniture in your office is essential to your productivity. Minimal changes can alter the amount of work that gets done dramatically. If you are sitting in a chair or at a desk that is uncomfortable, you’ll probably get up and walk around more often. If you take even a five-minute break several times a day, that could result in hours of lost productivity over the course of a week. A great desk and chair combination is vital for staying comfortable; versatility is also essential.

Standing Desk

Recent research has found that sitting uninterrupted for hours at a time is almost as detrimental to your health as a smoking habit. Researchers are not entirely sure why sitting for hours is so damaging, but it is very hazardous to your health. Furthermore, sitting for long periods of time will make you physically uncomfortable and will reduce the amount of work you accomplish on a given day. If you buy a height-adjustable desk from a quality supplier such as Andrews Office Furniture, you’ll be able to move it to the proper height for you.

A height-adjustable desk is excellent for sitting or standing. When you are sitting, you need to make sure that the desk is about even with your eye level. If the desk is too low, you’ll have to lean forward to see your computer screen. That places extra stress on your neck and will lead to neck pain over time. If the desk is too high, you have to lean backwards, which will place different stresses on your neck. Keeping your desk at eye level is the best way to keep your neck comfortable.

Standing Breaks

From time to time, you need to take breaks to stand up. Taking standing breaks is a great way to reduce the damaging effects of sitting for a long time. Research has found that occasionally standing up will help fight off whatever it is that makes being seated so dangerous. Taking standing breaks has also been shown to boost your productivity. You’ll be at your desk longer, and you’ll work faster when you stand occasionally.

Short standing breaks have been proven to make employees more alert and more productive for short amounts of time. Standing can help increase blood flow and alertness. After a while, sitting gets to be fatiguing as well. That’s why a height-adjustable desk is so useful. You can adjust it up and down to sit or stand.

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