The Benefits of Hiring Linen for Your Hospitality Business


Running any business that’s core services relate to hospitality is a demanding task. Customer service is the name of the game where your success as a company depends solely on your reputation and your ability to provide your customers with what they want. For this reason, your choice of bedding, towels and tablecloths are imperative to providing the foundations of a high quality service.

To make your life easier, hiring your linen from a company who specialises in providing it is one great way that you can make sure that your high standards are maintained at all times. In this article, we’re going to provide an overview of the many benefits of outsourcing your linen supply so that you can concentrate on the satisfaction of your customers and clients.

What Does Hiring Linen Involve?

You are usually able to choose from several options when it comes to the outsourcing of commercial linen. Some hotels for example may have a bespoke tablecloth they use within their dining rooms. In this instance, they would usually be owned by the hotel with the job of laundering them outsourced to a linen specialist.

That same hotel would also contain a number of rooms which need bedding. The requirement for a bespoke set of bedsheets is far less common, so instead, the hotel would choose to hire the required number of bedsheets to successfully cater to its customers.

Both sets of linen would be laundered offsite, with one being owned and the other hired.

It is this flexibility that is cited as a great benefit to many business owners.

Productivity and Efficiency

One core benefit of outsourcing the provision of your linen is being able to dramatically increase your levels of productivity. Labour is often a finite resource and needs to allocated efficiently to ensure that your business runs as smoothly as it should.

Outsourcing the laundering of your linen will;

  • Allow your cleaning staff to concentrate on more important duties such as making sure that all rooms are cleaned thoroughly.
  • Allow your kitchen staff to concentrate on the preparation of food rather than having to launder the tablecloths and kitchen uniforms they use.

Having your staff concentrate on the important aspects of your operation will mean that less overtime is required as they will be able to perform their duties in a typical working day.

Reduce Capital Outlay

Linen is rarely ever a one time purchase. Over time, you will find that even the best of linen will need replacing as it begins to fray and the stresses of daily use take their toll.

You will often find that linen is one of the largest elements of initial capital outlay that most businesses need to be able to find before they can commence operation. Reducing this expense or eliminating it completely would immediately lower the barriers to entry of anyone trying to break into the hospitality industry.

Rather than having to find such a large amount of upfront capital, hiring linen will;

  • Reduce this cost to an ongoing monthly amount based upon your service level agreement with your laundry supplier. You will find that the cost of hiring and laundering your linen professionally on a monthly basis will be much cheaper than what it would cost you to do it in house.
  • Prevent the need for the purchase of costly commercial laundering equipment. These washing machines are far larger and far more expensive than the sort you would find at home. Purchasing enough of them to efficiently launder the linen of a large hotel would be a considerably expensive undertaking.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Washing large amounts of linen on a regular basis requires a considerable amount of energy. The cost includes not only that of the electricity to power your commercial washing machines but a large amount of water too.

Washing white linen at a temperature to clean it effectively is going to cost a lot more than it does to wash your average clothing. This cost should not be underestimated as it will form a large part of your operating expenditure.

You then need to take into account the cost of detergent which is another expense on its own.

Making using of laundering services will;

  • Allow you to make a significant saving on your monthly energy bills. Your overheads and operating costs are the difference between profit and consistently losing money so anything that you can do to reduce them should be done.
  • You will also dramatically reduce your carbon footprint and improve your eco credentials. Professional laundry companies have a far more efficient laundering process so it’s more environmentally friendly if the task is left to them.

A More Effective Use of Space

Onsite laundering for any large hotel or restaurant is going to have a considerable space requirement attached to it. Large commercial washing machines will need to be housed somewhere and you’ll also need somewhere to dry, iron and fold your tablecloths and bedsheets.

Space is often at a premium these days so moving your laundry operation off site will allow you to use that space more efficiently. If the layout of your premises allows for it, you could consider letting out that space to another business, providing you with an additional stream of revenue.

Health and Safety

Health and safety within the work environment is more important than it ever has been. Commercial washing machines that operate at high temperatures require the training of your staff before they should be allowed to use them.

Your health and safety policy can be simplified by removing the hazard completely, making your work environment far more efficient and safer.

Locate a Linen Supplier

There are several linen companies operating across the UK, no matter where you’re based. Stalbridge Linen commercial laundry services are available to all businesses and corporations that operate within the hospitality industry. We would suggest that you get in touch with a supplier that is prepared to service your location – they will be able to provide more detail on the services they offer as well as their rates.

Making using of a linen specialist will allow you to grow your business from strength to strength – once you make your first order, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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