The Best Floristry Courses in London


If you are interested in learning floristry London has some of the best courses in the country, with a wide selection of courses available from various establishments. Ranging from long-term courses from dedicated floristry schools to workshops and short-term courses in many colleges and floristry businesses in London, there is no shortage of options when it comes to floristry in London.

Whether you want to learn floristry as a new hobby or a change in career, taking the time to learn a new skill such as this is incredibly rewarding and you’ll get even more from the experience by choosing the right course for your needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best floristry courses in London:

Beginner Courses:

There are many beginner floristry courses in London and these are fantastic for anyone wanting to learn the basic techniques of floristry. These are typically a few classes over a short-term period, often lasting just one week or so, giving you the time needed to learn more about flower types, flower arranging, and finding your own style.

A beginner course is a good option for someone that is considering a career in floristry but are unsure of committing full time. It gives you a taste for the industry and what you can expect, and if you like what you see you can then progress onto another course to further develop your abilities.

Career Courses:

Anyone that wants to become a professional florist should seek out career courses from dedicated flower schools. These are often full-time courses or part-time but done over a long period, ensuring you learn everything from the foundation skills to running your own floristry business.

Many colleges in London offer floristry courses with professional qualifications upon completion, with courses such as Level 2 Floristry Certificate and Level 2 Professional Diploma in Floristry being a great option for learning professional floristry.

Wedding Courses:

Weddings are a massive source of business for the floristry industry, so you’ll find many dedicated wedding courses throughout London. These are a great option for learning some of the core skills of floristry and how to apply them in weddings and many other special events.

You’ll not just learn about bridal flowers, bouquet styles and how to arrange them, but also important business skills such as sourcing flowers, booking flowers in time for the event, and delivery logistics.

One-Day Workshops:

You’ll find many floristry workshop courses throughout London, many of which are a one-day event that give you the chance to learn a specific floristry skill. Many professional florists attend these courses to learn new skills, brush up on their techniques, and learn new industry trends – but it’s great for leaning floristry fundamentals too.

Floristry workshop courses cover a wide array of topics, including hand-tied bouquets, Christmas wreath design, Mother’s Day flowers, seasonal flowers etc. These are great for learning core skills and are suitable for everyone, from professional to aspiring florists or just hobbyists looking to improve their skills.

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