The Coworking Revolution: Changing the Way Business is Done


Unless you have been living in a cave, you should know by now that coworking is a revolution in the way work is done. It provides an affordable, flexible, and scalable space where freelancers and small businesses can grow. It is a revolution that is believed to become more popular in the next years as more and more people search for workspaces that are cheaper compared to a conventional office. With coworking spaces like Common Desk,having an office is no longer a luxury that is reserved for the lucky few.

An Affordable Place to Work

The driving force behind the success of the coworking revolution are the millennials who are looking for a cheap place to work. Shared office spaces in Fort Worth, including Common Desk, have been popular because they are easy on the pocket. Even for a business that is just starting out, having an office will be an easier goal. You can appear legitimate by having a business address without the need to break the bank!

Prevents Creative Blocks and Burnouts

Are you experiencing a creative block? Is your job causing you stress and burnout? If yes, you might want to give coworking a shot. Being a part of a shared working space means that you will be surrounded by other people, unlike working at home on your own. You can get ideas simply through conversations with the other tenants. People thrive in a coworking space because they feel that they are part of a community and that they do not stand on their own.

Enhanced Opportunities for Networking

In the past, networking opportunities are quite limited to traditional means, such as attending conferences or trade fairs with people who can be potential clients or who can potentially help your business in any way. A coworking space, meanwhile, redefines networking. You will be part of a vibrant community of freelancers, professionals, and entrepreneurs. There will be endless opportunities for networking.

Opportunities for Improvement

Many of the best coworking spaces in the world organize talks, seminars, and workshops, among other opportunities for individual improvement. You can sign up to these programs and learn how to further improve. This will be helpful in your holistic development even without being part of a traditional company.

Large Corporations are Setting the Trend

When discussing the way coworking changes businesses, it is important to mention that even multinational corporations are making the shift to coworking. IBM and Microsoft are just two of the companies that have given their employees access to authorized coworking spaces. This sets the tone, showing that if multi-billion-dollar corporations trust in coworking, there is no reason for small businesses to have hesitations. Also, this shows how coworking spaces are being larger these days to cater to the need of bigger companies, not just freelancers and small-time entrepreneurs.

Indeed, the coworking revolution has redefined work in the recent years, providing the opportunity for everyone to be working in an office that does not cost a fortune!

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