Tips to Study Maths for Class 8


Education is a part of life. It provides us knowledge of our surroundings, world and formulates a viewpoint in us of viewing life. Without education, an information regarding something cannot be transformed into knowledge. Students should focus on their studies and should also do extra co-curricular activities and should play sports. Student should be an all-rounder. Students should pay attention not only to a single subject which they like, but to all the subjects.

In CBSE Class 8, Mathematics is a subject in which student can score good marks but to score good marks, good preparation is needed which requires smart work. Students should learn the basic concepts of every chapter and start with the chapter having maximum weightage. After solving the whole NCERT book, students should also solve CLASS 8 MATHS WORKSHEETS CBSE. Tips that students must follow while preparing for Class 8 mathematics subject.

  • As practice makes a person perfect. Thus, to score good in maths and to understand all the concepts constant practice is very essential. After solving all the exercises from the book, go through the sample papers to have an overview of the paper.
  • Focus on the difficult topics and chapters, and clear all the concepts and understand them in depth. Finish the difficult chapters first and then move on to the easier ones.
  • After understanding all the concepts, and completing all the exercises from textbook, go through the sample papers, as the type of questions asked in the exam are of similar type as in the sample paper.
  • After completing the concepts from the textbook, students must go for the CLASS 8 CBSE MATHS STUDY MATERIAL available in the market.
  • If there is any doubt in any topic, you must clear it immediately from your concerned teacher.

The usual mistakes that students commit while preparing for CBSE Class 8 Mathematics and must avoid it are:

  • Skipping topics which are of less weightage must be avoided as these topics mightbe the part of future courses or may be helpful in the competitive exams.
  • If concept of a topic is not clear you must understand it first, as attempting the question will just lead to wastage of time.
  • Learning maths from the persons who try to avoid it is the biggest mistake, instead learn it from the respective teachers or who enjoys solving math problems.
  • Maths is not a subject of learning, it is a subject of practicing. Students should not cram the mathematic concepts, they should understand the concepts clearly and do sufficient practice of every concept.

The above mentioned mistakes are generally committed by students and should be avoided at all costs. Students should make a proper study plan and study according to the schedule and give sufficient time to all the subjects. Students should study in a proper designated study area and avoid the possible distractions and stay focused on their studies. Mathematics is not terrible, rather it is very enjoyable if understood with the concepts and students will definitely achieve success by following these tips.

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