Understanding LCL and FCL Shipping


When it comes to shipping services, sea freight provides an outstanding value for anyone shipping items that are not considered critical deliveries. When you use the services of a specialist in the field, you have access to the biggest suppliers in the sea freight business. This type of access ensures that your pallets will be delivered with maximum care.

Therefore, you can enjoy cost-efficient rates if you are shipping items that do not have to be delivered by a certain date. You can also enjoy the same sort of economy whether you are shipping one pallet or are delivering a full-container load (FCL).

A Hassle-Free Delivery

By using a company that features freight forwarding partners, you can receive help with all the phases of the shipping process. Experienced freight forwarders can help you plan the best route to take for obtaining customs clearance. Using a provider that offers this type of service ensures that your delivery will be hassle-free.

LCL Deliveries

To take advantage of sea freight services, you need to know two of the primary terms. These terms include less-than-container load (LCL) and full-container load (FCL). If you use LCL service, you are shipping items that will not fill a full container. When LCL is used, your cargo is combined with other shipments to support a timely delivery. Most LCL shipments disembark from the major ports in the world.

FCL Deliveries

FCL services are provided for large containers that measure six to 12 metres in size.

Some of the Advantages

Whether you use FCL or LCL service, you automatically experience the following advantages:

  • The transit time is slower; however, the rates are low when compared to the cost for air freight shipments.
  • Shipping forwarders cover orders that are shipped to and from major ports.
  • Using LCL and FCL shipping helps a customer meet his or her specific shipping needs.
  • Low import rates are assessed from any place in the world back to the UK.
  • Only the most trusted sea freight businesses are used.

How Shipments Are Frequently Delivered

When you ship by sea freight, the shipment does not usually end once the merchandise is delivered at a port. From the port, a shipment may be shipped by motorway or rail before it is again shipped by sea to its intended destination.

What Is Regularly Shipped

A number of items can be shipped in this manner, including brochures, periodicals, electronics, engine parts, computers, and machinery.

Know Who to Contact

If you are going to ship items by sea freight, it is essential that you know who to call for the service. Speak to a shipping provider that is committed to the safe travel of your consignment materials. Never expect anything but the best in this regard.


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