Want to earn some extra income here’s how becoming an insurance agent online can help you


India’s insurance market is currently witnessing a stark expanse, in terms of economy, job opportunities, and public welfare. With 3.42% Insurance penetration rate, as compared to 6.2% globally, the insurance sector has come up with new methods of propaganda, with a proposal of an online insurance agent. 

An insurance agent primarily acts as a mediator between the insurance companies and individual investors. The potential of this job is extremely diverse. Nonetheless, it is a good career option for those seeking a flexible yet steady work description. Another sector that is growing at a fast pace is cyberspace tech. New and improved advancements in technology and the internet has facilitated the creation of a digital counterpart for almost every task, and more. Combining these two prospective forums, insurance companies digitized their man-power by featuring online insurance agent tag. 

This job not only offers great benefits like flexible working hours, or the elimination of the need to travel from door to door, it even promises to yield good income. If you too want to earn some extra income, here is how to become an insurance agent online. 

Most of the insurance companies employ people as an online insurance agent, whose job is the same as a normal insurance agent, but on a digital forum. Almost every insurance company has an official website, and many even have their own apps. The job of an online insurance agent is to market the policies and schemes of the company to customers online. This greatly eases the job of an insurance agent, and furthermore, takes away the pain of paperwork, tracking sales and cut slack on the physical labor required otherwise. 

There are a lot of benefits to becoming an online insurance agent:

Employment at the age of 18 

The basic educational qualification required to become an insurance agent is to have completed 12th grade. It is an experience-based practical job, hence all one must need is the will and interest to work.  

Flexible work timings 

An insurance agent’s job is highly subjective. The major perk is the flexibility of working hours. There are no fixed work timings, you are only expected to achieve the target for the day. Furthermore, as an online insurance agent, the fact that it can be undertaken as a part-time job due to this very reason makes it an ideal job for those seeking to earn that extra income.

Zero investment from your end

All that a company needs from an insurance agent is time and effort. Unlike many sectors where employees are expected to be shareholders, insurance agents do not owe any such commitment towards the company. They are more like external appendages to grab clients.

Good income

Online insurance agents get paid generously. The stability of your income depends on the customers and the scheme you propagate. Often most insurance policies are minimum for a period of 5-6 years, which means you will be assured some income till the policy and the client are up and running. Which easily means most of your work today will assure an income for the long run.

If you are wondering how to become an insurance agent online, most companies have recruiters who are on the lookout for new and smart insurance agents. All you need to do is obtain a license as a legal insurance agent and apply to the companies. Even if you only seek a part-time job, it is mandatory to possess a practicing license. As an online insurance agent, the scope for growth is limitless.

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