What Is The Process For A Successful Secretary


One of the main tasks that a secretary performs throughout the day is answering the phone and then taking messages for their boss. Although this is a relatively straightforward process, these people have to be working at maximum capacity all of the time.

Some secretarial tasks require more training than others, so it helps to know the basic process that a secretary follows every day.

Complicated messages are delivered with speed, and the secretary has to be prepared for this. Politeness and professionalism are the two major qualities of any secretary. They have to be able to juggle several tasks at once so that requires an ability to multitask without any difficulty whatsoever.

Secretaries also must be contactable by the person employing them at a moment’s notice. Bosses often have follow-up queries about the messages that they are receiving, so clarification is needed to make sure that there are no misunderstandings.

Bosses face a lot of stress in their working lives and a secretary is there to take some of the workloads from them. The personable and composed secretary acts as a barrier between the manager and anyone who wishes to talk to them or arrange a meeting.

1) Take Messages From People Over The Phone

2) Write Those Messages Down Accurately, Either Using A Computer Or A Pen

3) Double-Check The Content Of The Message With The Person Who Is On The Other End Of The Phone

4) Relay The Message To The Person Who Needs It With Complete Accuracy

Take Messages Over The Phone

Taking messages over the phone is something that every secretary has to do, whether they have been hired by a small business or a multinational corporation. Accuracy is incredibly important, so the listening skills of this secretary have to be excellent, otherwise, the message could be misconstrued.

Secretaries from Message-Direct gain trust when the people employing them know that messages are being received properly. Professionalism and efficiency are needed in order for the secretary to do their job well.

Write The Messages Down Accurately

Secretaries must take these messages down accurately using a pen or a computer. Write the message in shorthand so that the essence is captured. Shorthand is especially useful when the message has several complex parts.

This is done by using either a computer or a pen. In modern offices, most secretaries use a computer to take down messages because this is a quick method as opposed to writing everything out by hand. All secretaries must be computer literate if they are going to do their job properly.

Word processing tools are extremely simple to use, so it is not difficult at all to write down a lot of messages in a very short space of time.

New secretaries can practice their shorthand and typing skills so that they are able to take messages at the same time that someone is giving information down the phone line.

Double Check The Content Of The Message

People taking messages should not hang up the phone after the message has been given to them. Experienced secretaries know that they need to repeat the message back to the caller, who will verify the content.

Doing this prevents any mistakes from being made and ensures that the secretary is being completely accurate. Get into the habit of asking callers for information twice because then nothing is left to chance at all.

Once the message has been double checked, it is time to hang up the phone and get on with other tasks.

Relay The Message To The Right Person

After the message has been double-checked, secretaries have to know who they are sending the message to. Identify the contact details of the recipient and then make sure that the message is given accurately. In a large company, dozens of people may be receiving messages on a daily basis, so it is vital that the messages go to the right place.

How Can Messages Be Given?

The message can be relayed to the recipient in a number of different ways, thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

Bosses can choose which type of message suits them the most. Some bosses want to have their messages delivered in a couple of different formats. A message via telephone call can be backed up by a duplicate of the message that is sent in an email. Then the boss has a backup copy if they forget the message that was given to them over the phone.

Secretaries have to be comfortable at delivering the messages in a wide variety of formats.

Messages Given Via Telephone Calls

One of the quickest methods for relaying messages is via the telephone. Secretaries dial an extension so that they can get through to the right person. Messages will be given to the recipient accurately so that the right course of action will be taken.

Messages Given Via Text Messages

Some managers are barely at their desks during the day because they go to meetings or visit other business premises. Picking up the phone might not be an option, especially if they have several meetings schedules and cannot be distracted at all.

Messages sent via text messages are read after the manager gets out of the meeting, and they will be grateful that they were not distracted at all.

Messages Given Via Email

Messages can be sent via email so that busy executives do not have to pick up the phone in order to receive the information that they need. Once the secretary takes down the message, they can then type out the email in a concise manner.

Efficiency Is Important

Efficiency is important to every single business, no matter how big it is. When messages are being taken by competent secretaries, the entire business will feel the benefit of efficient message taking. Secretaries that are outsourced are just as effective as secretaries who are working in-house for a company.

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