Why Colors Matter in Your Office


Did you know that certain colors invoke certain moods? More and more people understand this, which is why it is also strongly implemented in offices. Long gone are the days of drab, gray colors, and in are the days of bright, bold pictures, wallpaper, and flooring. This isn’t about favorite colors, but rather about what color achieves what. This is why for Charles Phillips Infor’s affair is to make sure colors are coordinated properly, thereby increasing productivity and workplace happiness. So what color does what?


Green is calming, invoking feelings of being one with nature. It is a popular color in breakrooms and other common areas, where employees can escape for a few minutes. Green helps to clear the mind, relaxing people around them. When they return to their office, they will be far more productive. If green is a bit too much of a good thing for entire walls, plants work really well. In fact, research has demonstrated a 15% boost in productivity in offices with plants.


Blue is calming yet productive. It is perfect for office walls. It helps to reduce tension, which is why it is popular in boardrooms.


Red can increase heart rate and make people breathe faster. This may sound negative but, if used properly, red can also attract attention. It boosts creativity if used as an accent color. This is why it is strongly seen in the Infor headquarters.


White is a neutral color that matches everything and it creates space and light. However, it is also boring and drab and must be accented, particularly with red, to ensure people remain creative. The good thing about white walls is that you can easily change the accents to change the mood you are looking for as well.


The brightness of yellow can be somewhat overpowering. People often feel tense and on edge, and research has shown people surrounded by yellow are more anxious. Anxious people have a tendency to lose their temper, which is not productive. Yellow is a big no no for office colors, therefore. However, if someone truly loves yellow, there are ways around it. For instance, they could have little decorations in their work space, a yellow cushion, or a yellow screen cover on their tablet.

For Charles Phillips, his vision for Infor was clear: he wanted to create something where people enjoyed coming to, that was open, and modern, and where creativity in design was fueled. Together with his wife Karen, he handpicked every item in his new New York headquarters, and he has created something that people truly love. The design is sleek and straight, but open and airy at the same time. The minute you walk in there, you feel like joining the desk and getting to work in being creative. He really has got the knack of colors right, and it is no surprise therefore that his employees come to work with a smile on their face every day.

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