What are Included in HOA Fees?- Maintaining the Community


These days, people love to stay in beautiful societies with gated security, amazing common areas and great amenities. However, all of these things come at a cost, which every resident should be paying on a regular basis. It has been observed that Flagstaff hoa management companies work to improve the quality of lives of residents in every possible manner. The fees charged by them can be referred to as assessments or dues. If you are planning to rent or buy a house in a society, you must be aware of these fees. It is a good idea to understand what you will receive after paying these fees. 

Things covered by HOA in the community

Dues paid by the residents of the society can be used for the development. Some of the areas it covers have been elaborated on below: 

Maintenance of common areas

The residents would be using parks, pools, playgrounds and parking lots. Dues collected from the residents are used for the development and repair of these common areas so that the homeowners don’t face any problems.

Beautification of the society

You might have observed that these societies are beautifully built with amazing flower arrangements and greenery all around. All of these amazing appearances are done with the dues paid by the residents including painting, roofing, fountain installation and others.


The residents are facilitated with clubs, gyms, tennis courts and basketball areas. All of these are built using the dues, which residents pay on a regular basis. it also makes a great difference to improving the quality of life.

Security system

Most of these societies have gated systems where security guards are appointed so that the residents are safe within the society. No intruder can enter it and create a mess. It is the best system for families having kids, pets and older people. 


HOA will also look after the removal of trash, maintenance of the sewerage system, arranging power backups, and supply of water. It ensures that the lives of residents remain uninterrupted on a daily basis.  

Reserve funds 

The company ensures to keep the funds for unseen repairs and damages. It also keeps it for upcoming development projects in society such as lighting systems, building new houses and repairing the common areas for residents. 

These fees cannot be waived because they are required for the upkeep of the society and its residents. If you are facing any difficulty, you must talk to the company. 

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