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How to enhance skills for work from home jobs?

There used to be a time when people had no other option than to go out of their homes to a location to be able to work. However, this generation does not require you to do it as you can work remotely from the comfort of your home for jobs that allow you to work from home. With a laptop or a desktop with a stable internet connection along with good bandwidth, you can choose to take up a job and work from home. Moreover, some jobs allow you to work according to your convenience without having to adhere to any specific time module. To be able to do this you would require a certain set of skills that can allow you to work from home.

Understanding your strength

The foremost thing that you would have to identify is your skillset. Not everyone is alike and each of us has a skill set that may not be found in others. While some people may have the skill with marketing others might specialize in technical work such as coding, web development, and programming. Only upon identifying your skills, you would be able to find a job that suits your profile.

Keeping yourself updated

Before you choose to work remotely for work from home jobs you would have to update your skills per the market standards. This means that you can choose to take up courses that can help you sharpen your skills in such a way that you can be up to the expected levels of potential employers. Taking up online courses on your skillset can be a good start to keep yourself updated on various domains that you can specialize in.

Choosing an online course

You must choose the online course that gives you the flexibility of choosing to learn during your free time. It may sound absurd for you to leave your day job and start taking up a course or work remotely for a job that may suit your profile. The wise thing to do would be to take a course that costs less and is favourable in terms of duration and timings.

You can work remotely for websites that offer these courses on the internet. It would not take you too long before you stumble upon a few websites that perfectly fit your needs. Before you choose to sign up with a website you must check the credentials and reputation of the website. Understanding what they offer and finding out if it would suit your requirements would be important. It is equally important that you do not pay too much for online courses. The other thing that you would have to keep in mind is the recognition factor that the course offers you with potential employers. After all, if you do not obtain proper recognition then it may be impossible for yourself to land a good job that allows you to work from home. Some of these websites may also provide you with an option to work remotely for a job of your choice that pays you well.

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Choosing The Power bank For Your Promotional Products

After considering a multitude of swag ideas you’ve settled on giving out promotional power banks at your next trade show. Now you’ll need to decide on color, design, and mAh battery capacity. While you probably already have an idea of what you want in terms of the color and design, you may need some help deciphering the battery capacity options to figure out what best suits your consumer. This blog post will explain mAh, review the options you have, and help you determine which power bank you need to make your customers happy.

What is mAh?

As you browse the wholesale promotional products on our website, you’ll see “mAh” referenced several times. mAh stands for “milliampere hour” which commonly used to describe the electrical charge a certain battery will hold. Basically, it’s just a way to measure how long a device will run before its battery needs to be recharged.

For example, let’s say you were using two different devices to listen to Spotify – you have the Spotify app pulled up and running on both devices at the same time. The device that is being charged by batteries with a higher mAh rating will stay powered longer than the device with a charger that has batteries with a lower mAh rating. Additionally, promotional power banks with higher mAh ratings will deliver the charge faster.

What devices can I charge?

As you browse our promotional items, you’ll see that each of our promotional power banks are listed with a different mAh rating, ranging anywhere from 1,500 mAh to 15,000 mAh. We understand that it can be confusing to determine which devices can be charged with what power bank, so hopefully these examples makes it a little easier for you.

  • 2,000 mAh is enough to charge smartphones, bluetooth headsets, MP3 players and other devices with micro-USB input.

    • 4,000 mAh can keep smartphones and tablets charged easily.

  • 8,800 mAh is compatible with tablets, smartphones, Bluetooth speakers and more.

Basically, any of our options would be great for promotional power banks that are meant to be used as phone chargers, but if you want consumers to be able to charge tablets or just charge any device more quickly, choose a higher mAh rating.

Promotional Power Bank Design Options

2,200 mAh Powerbank and LED Flashlight

These 2,200 mAh promotional power banks have the added benefit of being a LED flashlight too. It’s great to keep on hand for emergencies or situations when you need a little bit of battery juice to get by.

11,000 mAh Tablet Charger

This high capacity tablet charger is small, sleek and perfect for long car rides, flights or train rides. A robust 11,000 mAh promotional power bank, this guy can charge your smartphone, tablet, phone, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speakers and more so you’ll never be left without a charge.

Car Shaped 4,400 mAh Promotional Power Bank

The perfect promotional item for car dealerships or auto body shops, this car shaped promotional power bank is both memorable and powerful. With enough battery power to keep your smartphone charged for hours. You can even monitor the power percentage charge with the sunroof display.

3,000 mAh Credit Card Power Bank

The 3,000 mAh Credit Card promotional power bank provides a sleek, attractive and lightweight way to keep smartphones and tablets charged. Any logo on this stark white power bank will stand out instantly and consumers will appreciate its extreme portability.

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3 Benefits Of Getting ISO 9001 Certificate

Certifications are meant for customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 certification is an International standard for Management. It creates trust between the clients and the organisation. The clients get to know that the organisation with this certificate provides the best quality of product or service.

ISO 9001 certificate proves that the products and services by the organisation have qualified certain requirements. It does not matter whether the organisation is big or small; this certificate allows the client to be assured of a quality service or product. It acts more than a piece of paper. Here are some of the benefits of this certification:

Improves the quality of service or product by the organisation

The certificate is not that easy to get. Many people think that ISO awards the certification however; it is actually a recognised certification body. Therefore, your organisations need to prove to this body that your services or products are up to mark. In this way, this certificate behaves as a watchdog for the organisation. This results in improved work quality. The employees strive to do their best in order to get the certificate.

Creates trust between the customers and the organisation

This is the age of fast growing economy and industrialisation. Companies are blooming everywhere. However, this has also increased illegal companies who dupe customers. But, customers have also become smarter. Every customer tries to research before they invest. The Internet has made it easier to gather the required knowledge about any company. Therefore, customers generally look for certification.

Companies which have certification have more chances of getting customers compared to the ones who don’t have. Certification assures them that the product or service that they would get from the company will be authentic. Thus, it builds trust!

Lead over competitors

There is always competition in the market. Organisations that can get more customers to have more chances of lead. ISO 9001 Certification helps a company to get more clients. Customers tend to go for certified companies as they provide authentic and legal products and services. No customers want to feel harassed, especially when they are investing their hard-earned money. Therefore, they will go for the companies which have a quality service or product. Therefore, the certification helps the organisation to lead over its competitors who may not have certification.

Certification is essential for any organisation to do proper business in the market. It not only helps them to get a good name but also customer satisfaction on a large scale. It forces the company to adhere to certain requirements which are beneficial to meet customer needs. However, the companies also need to be careful while choosing the right registrar for certification. The registrar needs to be recognised too! Getting a certification from un-registered certification body will have no value.

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What is a Phishing Email and How Do I Identify One?

The murky world of digital marketing involves many dubious practices, as customer data is traded between brokers, who then filter the data into workable marketing strategies by targeting consumers. If you want to fully understand what phishing email is, think of the Trojan Horse, which was left outside the enemy’s fortress walls and contained a team of soldiers, who, once inside, opened the gates and allowed the army to pile in and slaughter their enemy.


Like fishing, it involves trying to hook something, hence the name, and the phishing email wants access to your confidential data, and in order to do that, it needs to get into a user’s inbox. That on its own is sometimes enough, as the attachment will lodge itself onto the user’s hard drive, then begins a process of masking its existence, allowing it to do whatever it was created to do. It might, for example, want your marketing data and could be directed at you by a competitor, or it could simply be a destructive virus, one that deletes all the data on a drive, then renders the drive unusable! For those who are really interested – and we all should be – you can search online and read up on how to spot a phishing email, which is not that difficult, and could save your data.

Identifying a Phishing Email

It is possible to discover who the sender is, and this is done by clicking on the “from” button on the email interface. If the address is not at all related to the content, and you have never heard of them, then it is likely to be a phishing email. The attachment(s) or link(s) should never be double clicked, but by hovering your mouse over it, you will get some further information about its origin. Double clicking on an unknown attachment is not advised, as all executable files are not activated until the .exe file is opened.

Asking for Information

Some phishing emails disguise themselves as government departments, and they may ask you to answer a few simple questions, and they might even have a link to their website, which of course, is fake. It is a common strategy to send out this type of phishing email, and believe it or not, people do respond, which could lead to divulging credit card or personal information.

There are developers who have perfected the art of protecting a user’s inbox, and for what it costs, it is an essential component to data security and spam elimination. An online search for “effective anti-virus and spam programs” would likely put you in touch with a software developer who can cost effectively protect your business. The user interface is simple to understand, and you have the ability to check what has been quarantined and be able to view – and track – all incoming activity. This can be utilised by a single user or a corporation with thousands of employees, and as the protective layer is cloud based, your data is always protected.

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Some Common Mistakes You should Know about when Designing Your Company Logo

The importance of a well-designed logo cannot be underestimated – the logo is a visual symbol, a representation of the ideals your company, your staff, and your products. If your logo does not appeal to the right people, your company will suffer. A logo must be original, clear, and easily recognised, and it must inspire confidence. It should evoke strong feelings and good memories, or inspire dreams. Unfortunately, many make simple mistakes which result in a less-than-effective logo – often, these mistakes are because of laziness, misunderstanding the market, wariness to spend, or being content too soon. Beware when creating a logo! There are important things to consider. Here are some common mistakes you should know about when designing your company logo.

Don’t follow the trend

It may sound cool to design your logo based on what the fashion of the day is; but it would be a mistake. The neon flashes of the eighties are no longer in vogue, the antenna and four bars is used too much, and Gooooooooogle already has the multiple letters.

Trends come and go but if you’re serious about your business, you want it to stand the test of time. A classical design composed of traditional elements often work best in the long run.

Don’t use stock images

It may seem like a good idea to download pictures (which can be found, with user rights for free), but they are often popular and sooner or later someone will realise it’s not your own. To many, this is like shouting: “I don’t want to spend any money.”

Be assertive with the design

A designer is not necessarily someone who can make the perfect design. A designer is someone who can follow your instructions and form a logo out of your message. If the logo doesn’t work for you, be assertive and don’t trust the designer’s opinion too much. Be clear to the designer and communicate what you want.

Use vector images

Your logo should be made with programmes such as Corel Draw or Adobe illustrator. They save it in vector format so it can be enlarged easily. Don’t save in pixel format.

The above advice does not guarantee you a perfect logo for a roller or pop up banner, a poster, a flyer, or a business card – after all, creating that wonderful logo that will inspire trust and offer quality to the public does require a lot of market research and can only be achieved through testing various designs on a sample market segment. However, following the above advice will ensure you don’t make a fool of your company and product by equating yourself with a mediocre and unprofessional design. They’re simple rules, there to guide you to that perfect graphic symbol of success.