5 Steps to Start a Home-Based T-Shirt Printing Business


Starting a business is not as easy as you may think. Some recent studies show that most startups collapse within the first year. It means you have to be smart enough and make the right moves when you decide to venture into a small business. 

If you want to start a cloth printing business like Crystal Print, you can follow these tips to make your journey swift.

Step 1: Come up with your concept 

Creativity is the only way to stand out in the market and sell your brand. You should put more work into creating and refining a unique concept to sell your clothing. You are making a T-shirt and creating a business, so you want to keep your image, branding, and identity in mind. Look at your ideas and develop a business name or brand that relates to you. 

You should spend most of your time brainstorming in all directions. It is not easy to establish if your brand resonates with the public, so you should develop different versions until you can establish one that sells more.

Step 2: Design and test the t-shirts

You want to focus more on the practical aspects of your T-shirts. You should create some high quality and high-resolution design which works better in different sizes. 

While coming up with a concept, you should understand that a color that looks better on your computer screen may look different on the cloth. Therefore, you should consider hiring a fashion designer who is more conversant with all the issues. You can also recruit a focus group to help you weigh in and get feedback on the clothes you make.

Step 3: Have a business plan.

Without a straightforward business plan, you are wasting your time and money. Selling t-shirts may look simple, but you still need a business plan to guide you through. A business plan should outline your product, financial projections, market, and sales goals. 

Selling t-shirts online is not that difficult. However, if you want to make a living out of it, you need an official business. Choose a name that reflects your t-shirt and brand. You should not limit your ability to expand to a full line.

Step 4: Get a license. 

You need to determine your business structure and get all the required licenses and permits. If you are going to sell your t-shirts online, you will need to apply for a sales tax permit through the state.

You can check the terms for registering the business from the local office. You should research widely to ensure you don’t infringe on other companies’ copyright and trademark. You also don’t want other businesses to be profiting from your design. 

Step 5: Get the materials and printer.

When it is that time to get started, you will have to acquire quality printers and other materials. You should also make up your mind on all the physical aspects of your clothing, such as quality, durability, ink, material, and other things that your customers would like about your t-shirts.

The last thing you should do is to price and market your t-shorts. When pricing the t-shirts, you should consider the cost of making them first. To market your brand, you should first research the market. You can start marketing your brand on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. There are millions of prospects waiting for you on social media.

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