Know About The Benefits Of Using Digital Communication To Market Your Brand

Digital world gives rise to a new way of communication every other day. In today’s technology driven society, a high percentage of people are smartphone users and other high-tech devices. The technology of digital communications has helped brands to reach consumers directly and assist in the promotion of their products and services.

In this article, we will tell you how companies can benefit from the various types of digital communication.

Marketing campaigns based on area

With this type of facility, businesses will be highly benefitted. This marketing method allows targeting clients with multi-media content specific to the location. This can be done using Global Positioning Service (GPS) technology present in the smartphones. As more and more people now own a smartphone, usage of this method would yield promising outcomes.


Newsletters are one of the most affordable and result oriented methods of making a positive and strong impact on the target market. This method provides enormous potential when used in the right manner. Sending newsletter to your clients every month provides them useful information about the company. This would lead to building better customer engagement.

Online catalogs

By creating an online handy catalogue that showcases your business products and services, you can achieve a good way of marketing. Getting these catalogues online would help in increasing their interest towards your services.

Many of the interested customers would browse, choose and even purchase your product with this simple marketing method. The best part of this approach is that you can design your catalogues in a variety of attractive designs and features as well as especially inclusion of interactive options such as audio or video.

Digital brochures

By encapsulating valuable and rich media, one can make enriching digital brochures. Digital communications firms in DC helps in the creation of brochures, which contain text, relevant video or audio tracks to get acquainted with business services. This interactive content makes it powerful to attract more and more clients than what a normal solitary text can. The integration of Google analytics tools can be a fruitful addition to this marketing method.

Integration of Social Media

By spreading your business services on the popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. it would help in easy sharing and distribution of your business content.

Many business owners have known the impact of marketing, but they lack time to maintain a constant digital communication strategy. These are some of the remarkable marketing methods, which when implemented helps in creating increased business awareness and visibility. These are time and cost efficient methods that are sure to give tremendous positive results to your business.

Levick is a digital marketing communications consulting firm that work with several companies, business organizations and individuals to market their brands, policy objectives and value propositions. They make sure that the voice of different brands gets heard by people amidst the mess up of the broad digital world. Their quality approach and technology driven methods help in protecting the reputation of their clients against criticism.


How to Create the Best Possible Digital Strategy for Your Brand

I will try not to bore you with details, but for the sake of context, it is important that I explain a thing or two about what branding and brands are. A brand is a complete external entity. Most people see it only as a memorable brand logo and a name. It has an internal identity that gives it clarity and explains what it does, what it is, and what it represents. It also outlines its purpose, characteristics and qualities.

Basically, it represents static aspects of a company that will never change. Still, it is used for driving commercial growth, meaning that there can be different strategies. This is most important when it comes to the digital world.

What a good brand strategy needs to have

A good, well-crafted brand strategy needs to describe crucial elements that are relevant to a certain market. Furthermore, it is also vital that you improve and question your methods in order to adapt to any new circumstances on the market.

Digital channels constantly give you new opportunities to improve and redirect branding strategies and, in order to stay on top of your game, you will have to keep yourself updated at all times. Some of the most important broad themes that are found in a branding strategy include:

  • Community and customers: the people who get served with services and products, and the people with whom companies engage and communicate;
  • Market changes and current standards;
  • Service and product development;
  • Culture and communication within a company;
  • External marketing efforts.

Three most important factors for developing a good digital strategy

When it comes to your brand, you must focus on strategic thinking and business aspects. Your branding efforts can be the fuel that drives your business forward. The digital channels you have available are the tools that can help you design and launch your brand into the open.

No matter how big or small your business might be, an online strategy will do the work you need, but only if you know how. If you want your brand to become a powerful presence, your branding strategy will need to have these three essential characteristics:

1.Realistic promises and facts

You should start from the inside, by covering all the most important basics, understanding and explaining who you are, what your business is about, what your purpose is and how all of these things reflect on your company culture, product creation and communication with your customers. You cannot simply focus all of your efforts on how you present yourself externally, as you will miss the whole point of your branding strategy.

2.Emphasize on creating meaningful connections between your brand and your audience

You should look to focus on more than just social media channels and YouTube. You should consider the whole consumer experience online, and use the best digital tools which are relevant to your brand and resources, in order to create an amazing web presence.

Some of the most important branding points you should definitively look to include in your digital strategy include websites, social Media, banners, apps, billboards, etc. If your potential customers don’t see differences between your channels, then you have done a great job and created a brand that fits your audience through your whole web presence.

3.Deliver everything you promised

If you want your whole strategy to make sense and get great ROI (return on investment) from it, you will have to deliver your customers with everything you promised them through your branding strategy. If you manage this, you will get loyal customers that will trust you. On top of that, they will feel satisfied with your service and they will be glad to spread your brand through word of mouth. This is how you ROI will grow alongside your customer base.

Brands and branding cannot exist today without a good digital environment you can use to communicate, share and advertise your brand. If you consider all of the things I mentioned today and adopt them, you will be able to create more meaningful strategies that can strengthen your brand and improve your business efforts.


Can a Simple, Cost-Effective Webinar Revamp Your Marketing Plans

Could your marketing strategy use a shakeup?

Maybe that’s not the right question to ask. Maybe the question should be, “Why wouldn’t your marketing strategy need a shakeup?”

No matter how well you’re doing in your efforts to reach your target audiences and turn curious strangers into committed customers, you could almost certainly be doing things better. That’s not a knock on your business or marketing acumen, of course. Most entrepreneurs are fans of continuous improvement, and for good reason: if you’re not improving, you’re standing still, and if you’re standing still, others are surely getting ahead.

If you’re not already planning and executing free webinars to educate your target audiences and generate leads for your sales team, you should start. Here’s why traditional marketing tactics often fall short when not paired with online webinars, and what you can do to fix that fast.

Traditional Marketing Tactics & Their Downsides

No one’s questioning the value of traditional marketing tactics, just their effectiveness when used in isolation. Every major type of marketing has some drawback that can be mitigated by the judicious use of free training webinars. For instance, traditional TV advertising is expensive and inaccurate. Many types of digital advertising have the opposite problem — they’re too narrowly tailored. Organic digital marketing is rife with pitfalls. And old-school tactics, like outdoor advertising and broadcasting, only go so far in a dynamic, rapidly changing competitive landscape.

Why Webinars Are Different

Free online webinars aren’t cure-alls, of course. They’re simply one aspect of a diversified marketing strategy. But they’re a powerful aspect, to be sure.

Webinars pack unusual potency into tight, cost-effective packages. For instance, this mortgage company’s training seminar distills many of the company’s core marketing themes, which collectively add up to differentiate the firm from its peers in a very crowded mortgage lending market. There’s absolutely no reason your company’s free online training seminar — or a whole series of them — can’t do the same.

In an ROI-driven business landscape, webinars are also quite cost-effective. It’s easier to eat the cost of a marketing initiative when that initiative is virtually guaranteed to pay for itself (and then some) via direct sales, lead generation or increased exposure.

Make Your Training Program a Thing of Beauty

One more time, for clarity’s sake: by itself, a free training webinar won’t salvage a mediocre marketing operation. To be truly effective, your webinars need to combine power and elegance in one shiny, irresistible package.

The best examples usually have some combination of:

  • Clear thesis: A clear “why,” such that the prospect is easily able to answer the question, “Why is this company putting on this webinar and what’s in it for me?”
  • No information overload: Meat is great, but too much can give you a stomachache. The best webinars deliver crucial information in manageable chunks, leaving plenty of time for viewers to digest in between.
  • Humor: Humor is a great information digestive, as long as it’s audience-appropriate and doesn’t overwhelm the message.
  • Visuals: No one wants to stare at an employee droning on in front of a whiteboard; that’s what real meetings are for. Go the extra mile and incorporate visuals into your webinars.
  • An offer or two: Webinars shouldn’t give the hard sell, but they also shouldn’t leave viewers confused about what to do next. Make it clear that you’d like your prospects to take action on an offer you’ve extended during the webinar, preferably at or near the end.

4 Digital Marketing Tips for Hoteliers

Managing a hotel can and is a daunting task. However, to get the word out, one of the best ways to get people to notice your hotel is to use the internet to your advantage- in other words; digitally market your hotel. Digital marketing is a new, lucrative way to get people to talk about your hotel; and for booking rates to increase. The internet is now more accessible to the world than ever; and digital marketing is a cheap and easy way to spread the word about your hotel and the services and packages it offers to the public.

One way to get people to notice your hotel is to have various packages offered. People appreciate if hotels are able to cater to their financial or social needs (by having certain discounts for large groups, providing amenities like transport for tourist groups, etc.). People tend to book hotels according to the packages or services offered, and one way to make your hotel more popular (among the public) is to make sure that a variety of choices are offered.
Another way to get people to notice your hotel is to differentiate yourself from other hotels – by providing specific services, or having a special theme to your hotel. One example could be the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, with the underwater theme running throughout the hotel – providing a unique and treasured experience to customers. Having a certain theme or perk offered to hotel customers can be valuable; even something as small as a discount of park or monument tickets, if the tickets are purchased at the hotel.

Making yourself known on social media is also a benefit to getting the word out – and using Twitter, Facebook or even Tumblr to market your hotel is an easy and free way to advertise. Using social media is also useful in attracting younger crowds, or those who tend to use social media more often. Encouraging the customers themselves to add their experiences or photos onto social media and tagging your hotel along with it spreads the message through (digital) word of mouth.

One final tip would be to make your website professional, yet easy to use by the public. Hiring a web designer to help design your website does help in the long run; and using the website to book rooms online is also another game-changer; especially for customers who are from other countries and use the Internet to make hotel bookings.

PinkElephant Marketing helps you do all these things, and more. With services like web designing and social media marketing being offered as part of their services, PinkElephant makes sure that the word you want gets out into the public – in a quick and efficient manner, all the while making sure that the website designed and social media used are both easily accessible to the target audience.