Saving Tips for a Home Deposit


Since I was young, I wanted to own a home soon. Although this is many people’s dream, we often find it hard to start saving for the deposit before we can get the secured loans to buy the place. The intention might be there, but following through is the hardest part. In the light of this struggle, we need the best tips to get the wheel rolling.

Use Standing Orders

It is one thing to wish I could set some amount aside monthly towards saving for my home deposit and another situation actually developing a standing order for the same purpose. Intentions are strong, but if I cannot follow them up with actionable steps, I will not move. Standing orders permit the bank to set aside a specific amount regularly towards saving for a home deposit. This way, I do not have to debate if I will do it this month or look for a million excuses to use the extra money for something else.

Opening a Savings Account

I will need to send these standing orders to a savings account I trust. While different banks and financial institutions have additional terms on savings accounts, I will want one that maximizes my savings, meaning one that will also add some interest to increase the amount.

Bank to bank transactions is now cheaper than ever. This means I do not have to remain loyal to my bank if its savings account does not land as my best choice. I can easily open a savings account with another bank and make payments monthly on a standing order basis.

Working with Actionable Goals

To move forward, I need actionable goals. It would be best if I worked with targets, say on a quarterly or annual basis. I can then break this down to monthly or weekly targets, depending on my income sources. These targets should be reasonable enough to ensure I am still living relatively well while saving for my future home. If I strain my pocket today, I might be tempted to forego a payment to keep up. Once I break the pattern, regaining the discipline is hard.

Cutting Down Spending

We often spend too much money on things we could easily live without. If I want to save as much as possible, I have to have the will to get by with essentials alone for a time. This means cutting back on all the unnecessary spending. Some areas that easily fall in this category include takeout foods, too many holidays, money-draining commuting, etc.

Clearing the Clutter and Selling

Many of us have so many items in our homes we no longer need but let them occupy spaces in our garage. Why not let go of this clutter to create more room in the house and sell them on eBay to make more money for topping up the home deposit? We can be surprised at how much we can make from such a process.

Finding More Income Sources

If my current income sources are not enough to help me save for a home deposit, I could boost what I have by getting another job. This might mean picking up extra shifts in my current work, working overtime for more pay, or entirely looking for another part-time job. Another way to boost income is by looking for investment opportunities. However, this has to be reliable and thoroughly researched stocks or bonds to avoid unforeseen losses.

Tone Down to Build Up

The entire concept here is making the sacrifice to have less now to enjoy having a home sooner. This will look different for everyone, meaning I should find what works best for my situation. I will have to learn how to be intentional with every coin I spend and even adapt bargaining skills. If we review current financial behaviors, we can find loopholes to close, thus increase saving for a home deposit.


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