Choosing The Power bank For Your Promotional Products


After considering a multitude of swag ideas you’ve settled on giving out promotional power banks at your next trade show. Now you’ll need to decide on color, design, and mAh battery capacity. While you probably already have an idea of what you want in terms of the color and design, you may need some help deciphering the battery capacity options to figure out what best suits your consumer. This blog post will explain mAh, review the options you have, and help you determine which power bank you need to make your customers happy.

What is mAh?

As you browse the wholesale promotional products on our website, you’ll see “mAh” referenced several times. mAh stands for “milliampere hour” which commonly used to describe the electrical charge a certain battery will hold. Basically, it’s just a way to measure how long a device will run before its battery needs to be recharged. 

For example, let’s say you were using two different devices to listen to Spotify – you have the Spotify app pulled up and running on both devices at the same time. The device that is being charged by batteries with a higher mAh rating will stay powered longer than the device with a charger that has batteries with a lower mAh rating. Additionally, promotional power banks with higher mAh ratings will deliver the charge faster.

What devices can I charge?

As you browse our promotional items, you’ll see that each of our promotional power banks are listed with a different mAh rating, ranging anywhere from 1,500 mAh to 15,000 mAh. We understand that it can be confusing to determine which devices can be charged with what power bank, so hopefully these examples makes it a little easier for you.

  • 2,000 mAh is enough to charge smartphones, bluetooth headsets, MP3 players and other devices with micro-USB input.

    • 4,000 mAh can keep smartphones and tablets charged easily.

  • 8,800 mAh is compatible with tablets, smartphones, Bluetooth speakers and more.

Basically, any of our options would be great for promotional power banks that are meant to be used as phone chargers, but if you want consumers to be able to charge tablets or just charge any device more quickly, choose a higher mAh rating.

Promotional Power Bank Design Options

2,200 mAh Powerbank and LED Flashlight

These 2,200 mAh promotional power banks have the added benefit of being a LED flashlight too. It’s great to keep on hand for emergencies or situations when you need a little bit of battery juice to get by. 

11,000 mAh Tablet Charger

This high capacity tablet charger is small, sleek and perfect for long car rides, flights or train rides. A robust 11,000 mAh promotional power bank, this guy can charge your smartphone, tablet, phone, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speakers and more so you’ll never be left without a charge.

Car Shaped 4,400 mAh Promotional Power Bank

The perfect promotional item for car dealerships or auto body shops, this car shaped promotional power bank is both memorable and powerful. With enough battery power to keep your smartphone charged for hours. You can even monitor the power percentage charge with the sunroof display.

3,000 mAh Credit Card Power Bank

The 3,000 mAh Credit Card promotional power bank provides a sleek, attractive and lightweight way to keep smartphones and tablets charged. Any logo on this stark white power bank will stand out instantly and consumers will appreciate its extreme portability. 

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