Van Monster’s Tips To Start a Street Food Van Business


Have you seen people getting some tasty food from street food vans on streets? Yes, we do see many each day on our way to work. The popularity of street food vans has gotten a significant rise over the past few years. More than 80% increase is observed regarding the term street food van between 2014 and 2016. Even, Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations predicts that billions are now seen on streets grabbing food from such food vans.

Many entrepreneurs might be thinking to make living through such a food business and initially you would need to have a good van to start.Van Monster could be of help as they specialize in used vans and produced an amazing info graphic helping entrepreneurs to get started.”

Here is a graphic that you would like to view:

  • The minimum capital required to acquire a van.
  • The benefits and costs of setting up a food van.
  • Converting your own van to a street food van.
  • Guidance from the ones who are successful.


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