Handy Tips For Printing Eye-Catching Tote Bags For Your Business


So, you’ve decided that it’s time to invest in some printed tote bags for your business. The question is, what design are you going to go for? A single walk down the high street will take you past humorous slogans, bold branding, minimalistic designs and more and each one has the potential to make a statement. For businesses, tote bags not only offer the opportunity to get their brand onto another shopping bag, but also helps to implement an environmentally conscious brand message. The move to tote bags is a clear and obvious one, but how do you pick out the right eye-catching design? That’s where our tips come in:

  1. Make A Statement And Be Bold

Though it’s a bit of a given, an eye-catching design needs to make a statement and, while minimalistic designs can be just as impactful as a bold design, the latter tends to be the way that brands lean when it comes to tote bags. With quite literally a blank canvas, filling the space with a design that not only catches the eye, but captures branding in a way that’s recognisable, yet stylish. You want people to reuse your tote bags, rather than tuck them in a drawer never to be used again. Give them fun, memorable designs they would be proud to flaunt.

  1. Be Specific To The Event/Use

If you’re printing tote bags to adhere to a particular event or holiday, make sure the bags adhere to that event, and that event only. While this can seem counterproductive in terms of cost-effectiveness, it can actually encourage users to, once again, carry the bag around due to the memory that it’ll hold. It’ll keep your brand fresh in their mind and, when the event or holiday comes around next year, will bring them back to your store.

  1. Keep Your Branding Clear

Anyone that your customer passes in the street will likely only glance at your tote bag when they’re walking by. For this reason, you need to make your design simple and your branding clear. It needs to be easy to read and understand at a glance from a fair distance and any small print will likely be overlooked by anyone that isn’t speaking directly to the customer holding the bag. Keep things clear as to what you’re advertising and what your brand is for the best results.

  1. Use All The Space

Tote bags come in a range of different sizes but regardless of which one you choose, you need to use all of the space. Make text bold and easy to read from a distance and all designs simple to understand with just a glance.

  1. Collaborate With Artists

If you’re creating tote bags you want people to cherish, collaborating with artists can be a great way to craft innovative and eye-catching designs that are sure to attract attention. With their help, you can create unique designs that tap into your industry in new ways beyond just text and a logo. If you keep the collaboration longstanding, you could even introduce a collectable series, encouraging people to keep coming back to get the full set.

  1. Keep Colours Simple

Black, beige, white – these are all relatively safe colours for your bag and exactly what we’d advise you use. Using simpler colours for the bag itself will ensure that it can go with any outfit and is more likely to be pulled out while shopping. Colours and designs that are too bold or brash can deter people from carrying them, doing the exact opposite of what you want.

When it comes to tote bags, the bolder the design, the better – within reason. Big text, simple colours and clear branding are key must-haves for any branded tote and from there, the creativity is in your hands. What will you create?

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