Understanding the Factors Which Add Value to Akoya Pearls


The understated elegance that is inherent to every pearl ornament makes it a jewel par excellent. Thus it would not be wrong to say that a woman’s jewelry box is incomplete without a pair of beautiful Akoya pearl earrings, bracelet or a necklace. But pearls are also a bit expensive since its intrinsic value is determined by certain factors like:

  • Shape of the pearl

This is probably the most important factor which determines the value of a pearl. While the round pearl is always in great demand and difficult to find, it commands a very high price in comparison to the button, baroque or the near round shapes. In fact the perfectly rounded a pearl is, the higher is its cost.

  • Surface of the pearl

This is another very important factor contributing to the value of the pearl. The cleaner the surface of the pearl, the costlier it becomes. Since the pearl is a naturally occurring gemstone, imperfections too occur naturally on it. But it is the degree of these imperfections that determine its value. If imperfections are minor or if the pearl has a near perfect outer surface, it commands a pretty high price.

  • Luster of the pearl

The shine of the surface of the pearl is that factor which makes it stand out from among other pearls. Thus pearls which have a high luster almost mirror like finish are valued much more than those which do not have a lustrous finish. In fact the more the imperfections present on the surface of a pearl, the difficult it becomes to give it a uniform shine. Such pearls are valued at much less and are generally not in much demand.

  • Size of the pearl

Since the pearl is a naturally occurring stone found inside oysters and mussels, they cannot grow to very large sizes. Hence those that come in relatively large sizes are priced at higher rates that those that are smaller in size. Traditionally it has been seen that these large sized Akoya pearls make perfect pearl earrings and tear-drop necklaces. These are thus in very high demand.

Taking the above factors into consideration enables a buyer to understand the budget of the purchase and he is thus able to get the best value for the budget that he fixes.

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