How To Keep Your Valuables Safe In The Event Of A Break In


Nobody wants to be the victim of a break-in, but the sad reality is that many of us will face this at some stage in our lives. And after all, if we didn’t think such an incident were possible, why would we go to such great lengths to protect our homes, belongings and family members?

When it comes to thinking about ways to better protect their homes and valuables, many homeowners find it uncomfortable to try and get into the same mindset as a criminal, but there can be no doubt that it can be immensely helpful. Once you understand how a burglar’s mind typically works, it becomes easier to find ways to protect your valuable items, and even to make your home less of a target for criminals.

Here are some home invasion or burglary facts that make for uncomfortable reading, but which may help you to keep your home safe:

Most burglars target empty homes

With a reduced chance of being disturbed while in the midst of robbing you of your valuables, most burglars will target a home that appears to be empty, and this may be because the entire property is in darkness, there are no signs of activity from within, or because they have been watching your home and observed that you appear to have gone out of town.

Some burglars will still enter a home under the cover of darkness even if they suspect that you might be asleep upstairs, but they will go about their ‘business’ far quicker, and probably employ ‘smash and grab’ tactics.

The most common reason behind a break-in is simple theft

Most burglars are looking for items of value that they can quickly take and sell on for cash, and without a high-security home safe to store them in, you could easily find yourself a victim of theft.

Some burglars will wake up family members and threaten them into telling them where their valuables are hidden, but the majority prefer not to be seen and to avoid any sort of confrontation since it increases the risk of them being caught.

In some rarer instances, the individual intruding is looking to settle a score with the homeowner.

How do burglars break into homes?

While a variety of tactics are typically employed, below are some of the most common:

  • Searching for unlocked doors – even a door or window with a faulty lock could become vulnerable
  • Through the garage – many homeowners neglect the security of their garages, and in some cases, access to the home can be gained through the garage
  • Forced entry – using tools or brute force, some burglars ram their way into a victim’s home
  • Posing as a salesman – or under some such similar guise, burglars can trick homeowners into letting them into their property
  • Checking social media – if you’ve posted that you’re away on vacation, an all-seeing burglar will see this as a prime opportunity to target your home

Making sure that all of your doors and windows are secure, and that your home is illuminated under the cover of darkness can help make your home less of a target for criminals, and by keeping your valuables stored in a high security safe, you can make sure they can’t steal anything of real value should they manage to get into your home.

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