Understanding IT Acronyms: CMMS and OEE


As the technology in our society continues to advance, we will always need to keep up with new terms and information that come with each advancement. Sometimes this may mean learning how to use a new program and other times, it may mean learning how to decipher a strange acronym. Acronyms and abbreviations are all over the world of technology; for a purpose that simplifies life to such an extent, the words to describe this purpose should be simplified too. Understanding technological acronyms, especially those used by the professionals in the field, can be a difficult task but afterwards, you’ll be enlightened and better able to understand the jargon when “tech geeks” are discussing what’s going on with technology today.

So What Do CMMS and OEE Mean?

CMMS and OEE are relatively new acronyms that have become very popular in the IT field recently. Although CMMS and OEE both have very different definitions and purposes, each plays a significant role in the efficient functioning of any business. Generally speaking, however, these acronyms refer to the efficiency of equipment used in a business setting; without CMMS and OEE, a business risks running their equipment inefficiently and losing track of how assets are used and run by employees. There are many companies that offer CMMS and OEE services, one of which is Idhammer Systems, and you can visit their website at www.idhammarsystems.com.

What Is CMMS?

CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management System but may also be referred to by the names Enterprise Asset Management Latest Whatsapp Status or Computerised Maintenance Management Information. To put it simply, CMMS is a system that focuses on the tracking and management of plant and equipment maintenance, assets, and the entire facility overall. More specifically, CMMS is a software package that tracks and maintains information regarding the efficiency of the company’s equipment and other assets; the purpose of this tracking and maintenance is to ensure that employees continue to perform their work efficiently and up to the overall standards of the company.

What Is OEE?

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness and is something that gets measured to make sure that the equipment and assets of a company are being used efficiently. To get the most out of the equipment being used, OEE is a measurement of how each piece of equipment or asset is performing on the job. On the OEE scale, a perfectly performing piece of equipment or asset would be one that runs with absolutely no downtime, no issues with result quality, and speeds that do not drop lower than the highest speed possible. OEE is one of many KPIs (otherwise known as Key Performance Indicators) that should be measured frequently to ensure the efficient management of any business.

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