Using Tried and True Methods to Market Your Modern Business


These days it seems that all businesses are obsessed with digital marketing. It seems that it’s wise for every business to have a cohesive social media marketing strategy and to access the expertise of online marketers. Everything from blogs to viral memes are leveraged in the hope of attracting new customers and making more money.

The Challenge for Small Business

One of the biggest problems that many people face is that they simply do not know enough to put together a cohesive digital marketing strategy. Add to this the fact that most small business concerns just don’t have the budget to pay for a dedicated digital marketing team, and the challenges become rather obvious. But is there a good alternative?

Physical Rather Than Digital

The good news is that using an expert printing company in Pontefract can provide an optional marketing strategy that can lead to real and measurable results in the form of greater numbers of customers and profit. While most businesses seem content to chase online marketing glory, offline marketing in the form of posters and business cards and so on can still be extremely effective. Here’s why:

  • Many people, especially older people, still relate to and appreciate marketing materials that they can hold and peruse at their leisure
  • A large poster catches the eye much better than a social media hashtag or web link
  • Giving people free gifts, such as pens and caps, is still a great way to build positive brand identity

There is so much digital noise out there that it can be hard for any business to cut through with a positive message. This is why physical marketing materials still have value.

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