Ways to Inspire Others


We all come face to face with failures in the course of our lives. We all know how rejections feel and how negative criticism hurts. We know how hurdles demotivate us and how struggles push us back.  However, only a few of us reflect these experiences positively and turn them into a beginning for our growth. Most of us fail to use our failures into a grounding for learning because we become overwhelmed by the pain and nobody guides us how to deal with this situation. Passing through such experiences teaches us one thing for sure; everyone needs inspiration and guidance in order to succeed.

Whether we fail or we succeed, we must learn to become a light of hope for others so that they won’t have to experience what we experienced. We must become the inspiration for others because this is what will fill us with the joy of success that we failed to accomplish for ourselves. But we need to work on ourselves in order to shape our personalities in a way that would be powerful enough to inspire others.

Moosa Banajah, who is a certified Consultant and a Lecturer in Management & Human Development, from the Middle East, is an inspiration for many people. He wrote in one of his articles about the success that one needs to work on their own self in order to become an inspiration for others. Banajah, himself is an example of how to inspire others as he has a good number of followers who contact him from across the world.

This article is to show you how you can become a guide and an inspiration for the people around you. We are going to discuss the characteristics of a person who carries a personality that can influence others in a positive and constructive way.

Learn to be an Empath

The first thing that you must learn is to be sensitive towards others’ feelings and emotions. You need to learn to see things from other’s perspective in every situation. This will give you an insight into others’ personalities and viewpoints and make it possible for you to see beyond yourself. This practice will help you become humble and forgiving and overcome your ego.

Encourage Others

Motivation and encouragement are the driving forces for success and development. When you tell people that they can do something, it motivates them to accomplish it. Believing in someone is one of the most valuable gifts that you can offer.

Limit your Enthusiasm

Being an inspiration for others means that people should feel comfortable around you and should see you as a role model. People who are over-enthusiastic or under-enthusiastic tend to make people feel intimidated or dull. So it is important to limit your enthusiasm and maintain a balance.

Be a Role Model

Train yourself to yield the most out of your physical, mental, and emotional energies. Show people how much you can get done so that they will know where they need to set the goal. People will learn more from what they get to see you doing rather than what you try to teach them verbally.

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